• How to pluck eyebrows?

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    How to pluck eyebrows?

    Properly plucked and well-groomed eyebrows mean a lot. After all, they give our face the most expressiveness. Nowadays, there are many ways to pluck eyebrows.

    This can be done with tweezers or thread at home, do hair removal or tattooing in the cabin. Everyone chooses the most convenient way for themselves.

    If you are afraid to pluck eyebrows at home on their own, you can contact the salon. Practically in any barber shop this service is now provided. You can remove excess hair with tweezers, and may offer to do laser hair removal, waxing with a wax or tattoo. The result after these procedures lasts up to several months.

    Pluck eyebrows at home

    How to pluck eyebrows at home? If you still decide to pinch your eyebrows at home, we recommend that you follow these tips.

    Eyebrow plucking is a rather painful process, since there are a large number of nerve endings in the eyebrows.To relieve this difficult procedure, it is recommended to steam the face, so at home it is better to do this after taking a shower or bath.

    Also, cosmetologists recommend smearing the skin around and the eyebrows themselves with a greasy cream, this will reduce pain.

    How to pluck eyebrows

    There is another way to pull out eyebrows less painful - to treat the eyebrows with small pieces of ice. Using this method, you will kill two birds with one stone: make hair removal without serious consequences and you will be left without the characteristic reddening after plucking.

    Pluck eyebrows should be in very good light, it will not give you the opportunity to miss particularly small hairs or pull out an uneven line.

    Before you begin the procedure, you should choose the correct shape of eyebrows, which will look organic on your face. Then, using a contour pencil, mark where the eyebrow should begin and end, and the shape of the bend. After you need to carefully comb the eyebrows with a special brush.

    Pluck eyebrows should be very carefully, carefully separating each hair. Otherwise, small bald spots may remain.If it does happen, you have to draw your eyebrows with a pencil every day until new hairs grow.

    It is recommended to pull out only the inside of the eyebrows and remove hairs along the growth line.

    How to pinch eyebrows thread

    Plucking eyebrows with thread is also a very painful and difficult process. To do this, take a cotton thread (30 cm), tie the ends, and then twist. Then, unnecessary hairs should be grabbed by the twisted part of the thread and pulled, pulling the hairs from the root. The process requires a lot of manual dexterity, so if you doubt yourself, it is better to use other methods of hair removal.

    How to pull out eyebrows for men

    How to pinch the eyebrows of a man or a guy? The process is basically the same as the girls. The only caveat: in men, as a rule, thicker eyebrows, so before plucking hairs, especially long ones should be neatly trimmed with small scissors.

    By the way, young people have a big plus: the pain threshold of sensitivity is much lower than that of girls. Consequently, this procedure is easier for men.

    Can I pinch my eyebrows during pregnancy?

    Many girls are worried about the question: is it possible to pull out eyebrows during pregnancy? Of course you can, this is just superstition. And this will not affect the health of the future mother and her child. Therefore, you can safely maintain your beauty without worrying about anything.

    An illustrative example of how to properly pluck eyebrows, you can look at the video below.

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