• How are hot rolls prepared?

    If you love Japanese cuisine and want to cook your own original dish, try making amazing hot rolls. And this is not as difficult as it seems!

    Tempura Hot Rolls

    If you do not know how to cook hot rolls with your own hands, then make an original tempura dish. For this you need:

    • a glass of round grain rice;
    • 2 cups of water;
    • 300 g shrimp;
    • 150 grams of tender cream cheese;
    • 150 g salted salmon or other red fish;
    • 1.5 Art. l. sugar sand;
    • 2.5-3 Art. l. rice or apple vinegar;
    • three sheets of nori seaweed;
    • avocado.

    To prepare the tempura:

    • 100 ml of very cold water;
    • three tbsp. l. flour;
    • st. l. starch (preferably corn);
    • two egg yolks;
    • st. l. soy sauce;
    • vegetable oil.

    Process description:

    1. Rice should be washed in three waters, so that it is clean enough, but retains the gluten, which is necessary for clutch of rice in the formation of rolls. Boil the rice on low heat, put it in a bowl.
    2. Add hot vinegar and sugar to hot ricemix everything thoroughly and leave for at least ten minutes to obtain the desired tackiness and consistency.
    3. Take care of the filling. Shrimp need to boil for a minute and clean. Salmon is peeled from the skin and bones (if any) and cut into thin strips. Avocados need to be freed from the bones and peel, also cut into strips.
    4. Cover the bamboo mat with cling film or plastic bag, put a sheet of nori and lightly moisten it to soften by sprinkling with water.
    5. Spread the rice evenly on a sheet of algae, leaving a little space at the top to hold the edges together. Approximately center the filling in the center, grease it with creamy rice.
    6. Form rolls by rolling the nori with rice and rolls. Fix the edges with a small amount of water.
    7. Go to tempura. In any container, mix the starch, water, yolks, soy sauce and flour, whisk everything to avoid the formation of lumps.
    8. Rolls can be cut immediately so that they are covered with tempura from all sides. But you can fry the rolls and cut them later.
    9. In a deep frying pan, heat and bring to a boil a sufficient amount of oil.
    10. Fry the rolls until crisp, serve with wasabi, marinated ginger and soy sauce.

    Spicy Rolls

    At home, you can cook savory hot rolls. The set of ingredients will be as follows:

    • 100 g of rice (you can choose a special one, designed for Japanese dishes);
    • cooking water;
    • 100 grams of crab meat (sticks will do);
    • 100 g lightly salted red fish (for example, salmon, trout, salmon);
    • four art. l. mayonnaise;
    • a pinch of chili powder (can be replaced with red);
    • hl rice vinegar;
    • ½ tsp Sahara;
    • hl soy sauce;
    • one or two sheets of nori;
    • a small clove of garlic.


    1. Catch boiling rice, but rinse it first. Water for cooking will take twice as much, but if the package has instructions with proportions, then follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
    2. In hot rice, add sugar with rice vinegar.
    3. Make a spicy sauce. To do this, simply add pre-peeled and chopped garlic, ground chili and soy sauce into mayonnaise. All actively mix.
    4. You’ll get not exactly rolls, but sushi wrapped in nori.So the filling should have a special tender texture, and to make it finely chop or even chop the salmon with crab meat in a blender.
    5. Cut the nori algae into strips about 10 centimeters long and about 5 cm wide.
    6. Form still oval or rectangular cakes from the still warm rice with moistened hands. If you have a set for sushi, then take and use forms from there to speed up the process and even forms.
    7. Each formed rice patty wrap with a strip of nori, fasten the edges of the algae with warm water.
    8. Put the prepared stuffing on top of the rice, water it with a spicy-sauce (about a teaspoon for each roll).
    9. Place all the rolls on a baking sheet covered with foil, send to the oven for fifteen minutes, so that the color appears on the surface.
    10. It will be very tasty, especially if you serve the dish hot right away.

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