• How to protect hair?

    Our hair needs care no less than, for example, teeth or nails. A good condition of hair speaks volumes and allows a person, especially a woman, to feel as confident as possible. I will tell you how to protect your hair in such a way that it will remain as frequent, beautiful and shiny for a long time as it was in your youth.

    Hair Protection

    To choose the right hair care product means to solve the problem in more than half. And it is also important to choose and use not only the shampoo that suits you, but also the balsam rinse and conditioner. Among the modern abundance of hair care products it’s hard not to be confused, but if you choose the right one, then there will be no problems. First of all, all hair care products are divided into different types - depending on the type of your hair.

    There are shampoos and balms for oily hair, for dry hair, for brittle and split ends, as well as anti-dandruff products. Choose the one you like and see what the effect will be.You can also see the reviews of certain funds on the forums. It is rather difficult to choose a suitable tool right away, but the selection process itself can be quite interesting, and just imagine how pleasant it will be when the desired combination is found. There is simply no other way to find the right shampoo, balm and conditioner. And, of course, knowledge of the type of your hair will help you greatly, allowing you to reduce this choice by a factor of 3-4.

    Sun protection for hair

    No need to frantically rush through the various sites in search of universal protection from the solar summer ultraviolet. In fact, the most effective recipe is always there - this is your headdress. In the heat of a decent alternative to him, there is still no, and it is hardly expected. Therefore, pick up a beautiful and stylish headdress and you will not have problems protecting your hair from the summer heat. In addition, it is quite possible to purchase special products to protect the hair from the hot sunshine. It can be both natural olive and almond oils that need to be rubbed into the hair, and a special waterproof spray that you just need to sprinkle on dry hair before going outside.

    How to protect hair in winter

    In winter, the blood vessels on the scalp are noticeably narrowed, which leads to a significant reduction in the nutrition of the hair follicles. To do this, eat foods rich in vitamins A, D, E and PP. These are legumes, rye bread, milk, liver, cereals, olive oil, greens, apples, eggs, butter, fish and vegetable oil: these products are most useful for normal growth and maintaining healthy hair in the winter. And, of course, like in the summer, do not forget to wear a hat. Hot heat and severe frost are equally harmful to hair, therefore seasonal headgear has always been the best defense. In addition, in winter the cap will save you from unpleasant colds.

    Protection for hair from ironing

    This chapter is for those women who use the so-called hair straightener when styling their hair. First of all, it is not recommended to make hair styling in such a way quite often, because due to exposure to high temperature, hair can quickly become dry and brittle. If you can not do without this procedure, use special protective equipment: serums, styling creams, sprays, balms, smoothing emulsions.The most important thing when using these products is not to overdo it, because too much cream or emulsion can make the hair heavier. However, these tools are, so to speak, supportive and need to be used after the procedure. And before using the iron, apply a special agent to protect your hair from heat. If there is such an opportunity, consult an experienced hairdresser, who will tell you a good tool for your hair type.

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