• How to protect the skin from frost

    effective ways to protect the skin from frost

    The skin of the face and the skin of the hands are very sensitive to the effects of low temperatures. Sites on the face begin to weather and flake, and the hands become rough, cracked, often bluish or redden. But there are still legs, which are also very cold in winter. How to keep the beauty and charm of the skin, even on the coldest days? So, protect the skin from frost.

    How to protect the skin from frost

    The skin on the face is thin and tender. And there are also very sensitive areas - these are delicate places around the eyes and lips. How to protect your beauty from the intrusive interference of snow, cold, too dry air?

    1. Protective creams. Choose special, "winter" series of creams. Apply them in the morning in about 40 minutes - an hour before going out (the drug should be well absorbed into the upper layer of the epidermis to create a dense protective film) and before going to bed, removing the harmful effects of cold weather. Do not forget about UV filters, because in winter the sun is no less damaging to our covers than in summer!
    2. The ban on moisturizers, products with alcohol and scrubs. Too coarse abrasive particles of scrubs can injure the skin that is already tender and weakened by cold. It is better to replace them with delicate products for cleansing the skin and for washing. Also it is worth forgetting about products containing alcohol and moisturizing ingredients.
    3. Natural oil - for dry skin. The lack of moisture in dry and sensitive skin can be replenished by rubbing the face with natural oils (avocado, shea, jojoba, etc.)
    4. Lip balms and protective lipstick. Before leaving the house, be sure to “wear” protection on the delicate skin of the lips: special balms, hygienic lipsticks. Do not use glitters and lipsticks that are drying - the lips will not tell you for this “thank you”.

    effective ways to protect the skin from frost

    How to protect your hands from frost

    The skin on the hands became dry, rough, cracked and flaked? "We must act immediately!" And even better - to prevent this effect. After all, as you know, undesirable consequences are always easier to prevent than to correct afterwards.

    1. Beauty treatment for hands. Use special cosmetics containing vitamins and protecting the delicate epidermis from drying out.You can also use special cosmetic oils, and once a week - make hot paraffin baths.
    2. Gloves are a must! Do not leave home without gloves or mittens. After all, this is the main protection of our hands from the cold, and, therefore, the main weapon in the struggle for the beauty of the skin of our pens.
    3. Vitamin preparations for the hands. If the skin on the hands still suffered from the cold, get a special pharmacy at the pharmacy to restore the epidermis. But initially consult with a specialist.
    4. Masks for hands - at home. Compresses of green tea, a mask of grated raw potatoes - all this "grandmother's treasure" will help get rid of redness and return the pens beauty and health.

    effective ways to protect the skin from frost

    What to do to keep your feet cold

    1. Wear comfortable shoes. In winter, it is not allowed to wear shoes not in size, as this disrupts the blood circulation, and, therefore, the legs can quickly freeze, badly affected by cold weather.
    2. Wear warm clothes made of natural fabrics. For the winter period, abandon frivolous short skirts, changing the bottom to tight trousers or jeans, under which you should wear tights.But not thin kapron, of course, but warm, dense.
    3. Warm insoles. Choose winter shoes a little larger than your size so that, if necessary, you can put warm feet on your shoes or insert additional felt insoles that will keep your feet warm and will not let you freeze.

    effective ways to protect the skin from frost

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