• How to protect the skin?

    In the summer in the heat and in the winter in the cold our face, as a rule, remains open and therefore needs special protection. We will tell today how to protect the skin from the negative effects of wind, frost and sun.

    How to protect your skin in winter

    Our skin has a natural, natural protection against the weather - the so-called hydro-lipid barrier, which is located in the upper, horny layer of the epidermis. It protects the skin from drying out and irritation. However, in the harsh winter, and with the modern, to put it mildly, problematic state of ecology, the skin’s natural defenses may not be enough to preserve its health and beauty. It is very important to know how to protect the skin in the winter, because hypothermia causes capillary spasm and oxygen starvation of the skin, and as a result, many dermatological problems.

    How to protect the skin from frost

    In winter, our skin especially needs fat, vitamins and minerals. Even in the old days, people knew how to protect the skin from frost - they smeared open areas of the body with goose fat. Now there are much more aesthetic and effective ways to maintain healthy skin in the cold. Here are the most basic rules:

    • Use high-quality weather creams (they are also called cryoprotectants or cold creams). They are composed of proteins, phospholipids, vegetable wax, oils, lanolin and other fatty acids. Cold cream can be used by both men and women, and the latter can be used as a basis for makeup. According to dermatologists, such weather creams need to be applied to your face even if the frost is not severe.
    • Clean your face gently with mild cleansers. In the period of cold weather it is better not to use scrubs and gels for deep cleansing - leave them for a warmer period. You should not get involved in washing hot water. For makeup remover, women are best to use a light nutritious milk and warm water. Remember that our main task in the winter is to maintain the natural protective barrier of the skin in working condition - a lipid layer, and for this you will have to forget about washing up to “squeaking”.
    • Moisturize the skin. In winter, skin requires not only active nutrition, but no less active hydration. All sorts of heating devices dry up the indoor air in winter, and as a result, our skin quickly loses moisture.Apply moisturizers need at least two times a day: morning and evening. The moisturizer that you use must have hyaluronic acid in its composition - this is the most effective moisturizing component. Keep in mind that moisturizers can not be applied to the skin before going out in the cold season, it should take at least half an hour from the moment of its application, otherwise frostbite may occur.

    How to protect the skin in summer

    In the summer, our skin is expected to be no less serious tests than wind and frost, namely, ultraviolet radiation. Excessive exposure to the sun is very dangerous to health, because it causes sunburn of the skin, premature wrinkles (it’s not for nothing that UVA rays are called “aging rays), and significantly increases the risk of cancer. Therefore, in the summer you should not relax and lose vigilance, and care for your skin carefully, as in winter.

    How to protect your skin from the sun

    In the summer you need to use sunscreen with SPF. Moreover, the lighter your skin, the higher should be the SPF index. For example, a cream with an SPF15 index is suitable only for very dark-skinned people, and white-skinned, and those who have a lot of freckles should buy creams with a degree of protection of at least 40 - 45.Now on sale a lot of nourishing, moisturizing, and even foundation creams with an SPF filter, as well as makeup cosmetics with a sunscreen effect. In summer, it is necessary to use such cosmetics in any weather, and when going to the southern seaside resort, use the most powerful waterproof SPF products (with an index of at least 40 or 50). You should be especially vigilant in the ski resorts, because there you can easily get a sunburn, because the snow reflects the sunlight. If you do not stock up on the resort with sunscreen in advance, and do not trust funds from unfamiliar manufacturers, you can make such a cream yourself. Ingredients for it you will find in any pharmacy. You will need:

    • Spermaceti - 3 g
    • Vaseline - 47 g
    • Water - 48 ml.
    • Glycerin -1.5 ml.
    • Perfume - 0.5 ml.

    Or this recipe:

    • Salol - 7 years
    • Vaseline - 47 g
    • Lanolin - 25 g.
    • Water - 25 ml.

    And, of course, to protect the skin in the summer, do not forget about moisturizing: moisturizing creams and masks, as well as after-sun creams will help compensate for the lack of moisture. Folk remedies for soothing the inflamed skin after sunburn are also quite a few: sour cream and yogurt, aloe leaf juice, chamomile decoction, raw yolk, potato juice, fresh cucumbers and much more.The main goal for sunburns is to cool, decontaminate, moisturize and nourish the burned area of ​​skin.

    Now you know how to protect your skin from the sun in the summer, and from frost in the winter. The main thing to remember is that proper skin care is not only taking care of beauty, but also one of the ways to prevent many diseases.

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