• How to prove the relationship?

    September 18, 2014
    How to prove the relationship?

    As a rule, a person knows his relatives. But sometimes there are situations when the relationship with a particular person must be proved with the help of the Law. In this article we will look at how to do this.

    Procedure for Proving Kinship

    1. The first thing you need to start with is the compilation of a genealogical tree. You yourself must know and understand exactly to what degree of kinship you are with the person you are interested in.
    2. Start collecting proof of relationship. These include: birth certificates (including common relatives), certificates of name change, excerpts from the registry office on making entries in the spouses' passports, house books, etc.
    3. If you lose any documents, you can submit a written request to the registry offices, historical and departmental archives at the place of birth and stay of the desired relatives. All requests must be clearly and specifically formulated and contain your contact information. You will probably be asked to present documents and explain the reasons for which you are searching for these documents.Keep in mind that going to the archives does not guarantee that you will receive what you request. It is quite possible that the information may be lost.
    4. If the relationship has not been established, you can apply to the court at the place of residence, attaching all the documents you already have. Testimonies of common relatives, neighbors, friends and acquaintances can also be added to the package of documents. Through the court, you can get permission to issue you documents that you can not get yourself. These may be documents from housing and communal authorities at the place of residence of a relative, from his place of work, from passport and visa authorities, etc.
    5. When all documents are collected, you should contact the notary, who will make a decision on the recognition of the fact of kinship and will document it.

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