• How to put a person to sleep?

    Even in ancient times, doctors and other people practicing medicine tried to find a way to painlessly put a person to sleep. It is reliably known that even in the Stone Age, primitive people already performed complex surgical operations, and even amputation of the limbs, but for many centuries the ancient surgeons and doctors were interested in the question: how to put a person to sleep?

    First attempts to put a person to sleep

    The very first attempts to put a person to sleep completely were made in Egypt and Syria. The person was put to sleep by squeezing the vessels of the neck, this method was used during circumcision operations. Also tested was a way to turn off a person by bleeding, which caused brain anemia. Sometimes such attempts ended in a very tragic way and it was no longer possible to wake a person after such manipulations ... It is logical to assume that the discovery of anesthesia belongs to a single surgeon, and maybe even a group of surgeons, because it was the surgeons who faced the problem of human sleep turning off his mind during surgery. However, it is not.

    The first to use anesthesia was an unknown doctor, Thomas Morton. Dr. Morton was constantly in need of patients, as people were afraid of the pain that the dentist delivered to them during treatment, and therefore they preferred to walk with old and broken teeth, so as not to suffer. T. Morton was an ardent opponent of this situation and chose for his experiments the best and available for that time anesthetic: diethyl ether. He very responsibly approached the experiments with ether, conducted various experiments on animals, and after experiments on animals he began to brush his teeth to his fellow dentists. Then Morton constructed a very primitive apparatus for the anesthesia of the sick, and only when he was completely confident of his success did he decide to hold a public demonstration of his anesthesia. On October 16, 1846, he called a familiar surgeon to remove a jaw tumor, and left himself the role of the world's first anesthesiologist. (The previous demonstration of anesthesia by Dr. Wales was a fiasco due to the unsuccessful choice of anesthetic and the combination of two functions in one person by the surgeon and anesthesiologist by Wells). The operation took place in total silence, and the patient slept calmly.The doctors who gathered for the demonstration were amazed. The patient woke up to the deafening applause of the audience.

    How to put a person to sleep - ways

    But, what if the matter does not concern medicine, and we need this skill in everyday life? How to put to sleep a drunk person? Many are familiar with situations where a person in a state of intoxication becomes violent, but few are able to stop his violence. How to put a person to sleep with hands? In order to put a person to sleep there are several ways.

    Even in the Ancient East, they knew that there were special points on the human body, when pressed, a person falls without feelings. One of them is on the shoulders (a little closer to the neck), with a sharp pressure on this point, a sharp impulse comes to the brain, causing a person to fall. There is also a carotid artery, when pressed, the same thing happens - a person falls unconscious. But you should always be careful with pressing any point on your body, since each person is different, and the effect may be different.

    Chloroform is also often used for sleep. This is the old way, and each of us saw at least one film in which a little of this liquid is poured onto a handkerchief, and then pressed against the face of the person they want to put to sleep.

    The most easily available and easy way to quickly put a person to sleep is to give him sleeping pills. Now in any pharmacy a lot of different drugs are sold that help a person fall asleep very quickly. On the issue of sleep: Earlier in Russia there were very common criminal cases of sleeping people with clofelin. He was just poured into alcohol by a person, and then quietly robbed an apartment. It has now been proven that clonidine, together with alcohol, has a very negative effect on the human body, so you should not use clonidine to put a person to sleep in a state of intoxication.

    At the end of the article I would like to note that putting a person to sleep is not the easiest thing. It is difficult to even say how to put a person to sleep for an hour, not to mention the complete and prolonged immersion of a person in sleep, especially only with the help of his hands. Of course, there are various drugs, hypnosis and points on the human body, but all this is very long and unreliable ways. Therefore, a painless way to instantly sleep a person simply does not exist.

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