• How to put fruit in banks

    How to put fruit in banksHow to put fruit in jars? Fruits are packed in cans and poured with sugar syrup on automatic fillers or manually.


    The weight of the fruit when filling is 56 to 78% of the net weight and depends on the type of raw material; sugar syrup temperature should be high 80-85 ° C, only for cherries, sweet cherries and cornels - 60 ° C, grapes - 40 ° C to prevent wrinkling.


    The concentration of the syrup depends on the type of raw materials, the initial content of solids, the method of preparation and ranges from 28 to 70%.

    Banks with compote are sealed with lacquered tin lids. It is desirable to use vacuum sealing machines.


    Compotes are pasteurized at a temperature of 85-100 ° C for 5-55 minutes in autoclaves or continuous pasteurizers.

    The finished compotes are kept in stock for two weeks for the diffusion of sugar into the fruit. Store compotes preferably at a temperature of 15-20 ° C.


    In addition to the usual compotes, in the industry they make compotes from a mixture of whole or sliced ​​fruits of 3-5 kinds of fruits.These compotes are produced from fresh fruits; from semi-finished products harvested by sterilization in large tin or glass containers or freezing in bulk and stored at -18 ° C, as well as from a mixture of fresh fruit with previously prepared semi-finished products.


    Production of assorted compotes allows to diversify the assortment of canned products and significantly increase the duration of the compote production season.


    When making compotes for baby food, selection of raw materials is used; bones are removed from the stone fruits; not only the seed nest, but also the skin from the seed buds.


    In the manufacture of compotes for dietary nutrition, polyalcohols (xylitol and sorbitol) or sodium saccharin are used instead of sugar.


    Recently, the range of compotes has been significantly expanded through the use of wild fruits and berries; developed and industry mastered new types of compotes - Fruits in syrup and Fruits are natural. To fill the first of them use a syrup with a lower concentration of sugar (12-14%). In canned Fruits, natural sugar is not added, but poured boiled water.


    Requirements for finished products.Depending on the appearance, color and texture of the fruit, taste and smell, the quality of the syrup, there are three varieties of compotes - superior, I and table. The mass of fruits and berries to the mass of the finished product ranges from 45 to 60%, depending on the type of raw material; mass fraction of dry substances in syrup (by refractometer) from 16 to 30% for the highest and I grade, and from 14 to 22% for the table grade. In table variety, fruits and berries that are not uniform in size, heterogeneity of their color, syrup with a high content of fruit pulp are allowed. The mass fraction of heavy metals is normalized within the following limits: lead is not allowed, tin — up to 0.01%, copper — up to 0.0003%.

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