• How to put money on the card to the phone?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    September 27, 2011
    How to put money on the card to the phone?

    Undoubtedly, the modern system of paying bills using bank cards seems to be the most convenient. The procedure for depositing money into a mobile phone account is quite simple. Let's see how to put money on the card from the card.

    Money transfer from card to phone

    We know several ways to deposit money into a mobile phone account using a bank card. The first method of account replenishment is interaction with an ATM. Try this:

    • Go to a nearby ATM or bank where the ATM is located. Do not forget to take your bank card with you.
    • Insert the card into the ATM and after authorization enter the PIN code of the card.
    • You will find yourself in the main menu of the ATM.
    • Find an item that offers payment for any services. Navigate to it using a special button.
    • The ATM will offer a menu where you can choose which service you are going to pay for.Choose a service that pays for mobile communication.
    • After that, as a rule, you will see a list of telecom operators. You need to choose the operator that provides you with a mobile connection.
    • After selecting the operator, the ATM will prompt you to enter the mobile phone number, whose account must be credited. Enter the number using the ATM keyboard. Thus, you can put money on the phone from the card.
    • After entering the number, it is necessary to verify its accuracy and accuracy, otherwise the money will be transferred to the account of another mobile phone.
    • Now you need to enter the amount of money you want to deposit to your phone. To enter the amount, use the ATM keyboard.
    • After that, the ATM will ask for confirmation of the operation. You have to check everything and click on the confirmation button.
    • Now you will receive a check, which will testify to the transfer of funds to your mobile phone account.
    • All is ready. Here's how to put money on the card to the phone.

    Some banks and mobile operators offer to replenish their account using SMS. You can replenish your account by sending SMS to the number offered by the bank.As a rule, the message indicates the amount to be credited and the mobile number for your personal bank card.

    These simple manipulations will allow you to put money on the phone from the card without deducting fees.

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