• How to quickly cure a cold in a child?

    How to quickly cure a cold in a child?In order to quickly cure a runny nose in a child, you can seek help from a pharmacy where you sell the appropriate medicines, or resort to advice from traditional medicine. Good results can show the passage of physiotherapy. They are aimed at warming the nasal sinuses and eliminate infections.

    Choosing these or other methods of treatment, you should consider the age of the child. Treatment of rhinitis in infants and in a two-year-old baby will differ significantly.

    The causes of the cold in a child

    Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which is characterized by nasal congestion, sneezing and the appearance of discharge from the nose appears for various reasons:

    • hypothermia or overheating,
    • weak immunity,
    • viruses or bacteria
    • adenoids,
    • allergy,
    • lack of moisture in the apartment.

    In order to know how to quickly cure a runny nose in a child, you should find out the reason why it arose, because in case of an infectious disease and allergies, colds are treated differently.
    How to quickly cure a cold in a child?

    How to cure a cold in a 1 year old child?

    Babies who turned one year old are easier to cure a cold than babies. First of all, you need to teach your child to blow mucous discharge. In case the child does not want to flaunt, bury a few drops of Kalanchoe into his nasal passage: the preparations from this plant have a bactericidal effect. This method should be applied carefully and be sure to consult a doctor.

    Those who are wondering how to cure a quick runny nose in a child should know about the action of sea water or saline. This solution can be prepared by yourself. For cooking you will need a glass of boiled water, and half a teaspoon of sea salt. Received the drug you need to bury the nose, at least three times a day.

    To the question of how to cure a cold in a child of two years, each doctor can answer in his own way. Most often prescribed drugs such as "Pinosol", "Sanorin" and "Evkazolin."How to quickly cure a cold in a child?

    How to cure a child's runny nose quickly at home

    If you have no idea how to cure a cold in a child with an infectious disease, it is best to contact your pediatrician. If, after all, you made the decision to help your child yourself, then remember a few tips.

    First of all, remember: do not force the baby to eat if he does not want, because with such a disease, loss of appetite is normal. If a child has rhinitis, let him drink more water, no matter if it is tea or compote.

    To cure a runny nose in one day at the child, you can use a warm foot bath. After the procedure, you should find a warm socks baby and put to bed. This method is effective and will help to completely cure a cold in the early stages. Do not forget about this method as mustard plasters. Of course, this procedure is not very pleasant, but very effective. If you don’t recognize mustard plasters, put some mustard powder in the baby’s socks, because if the feet are warm, the disease will go faster.How to quickly cure a cold in a child?

    You can deal with the problem by following simple rules. Inhalation with essential oils, moistening the room and going to the doctor will help to quickly cure the cold of the child. In case of allergies, do not try to treat the baby yourself, but rather contact an experienced specialist, who will certainly tell you how to quickly cure the cold of the child.

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