• How to quickly get rid of the cough smoker, dry and wet cough, video

    How to quickly get rid of a strong smoker's cough, dry and wet cough

    How to quickly get rid of a strong smoker's cough, dry and wet cough

    Before you look for information in medical reference books and on the net to get rid of cough, you need to make sure that cough is not a symptom of a much more serious illness. Having got rid of the symptom itself, with the differential diagnosis of the disease, it will be harder to determine, and in the meantime the disease will progress.


    How to quickly get rid of cough



    When a person does not feel any ailments, such as fever, except for a cough, then the place of going to find out the reasons for coughing to the doctor, a person goes to the pharmacy. Asks the pharmacist what cough medicine he can recommend to know how to get rid of cough. A competent specialist will not recommend anything, but will advise you to go to a doctor, but such situations are rare.


    Usually the pharmacist asks the patient about the nature of the cough, if you need to get rid of dry cough, then you should drink one medicine, but if you suffer from a wet cough, then you need a completely different medicine. So, after answering the questions of the pharmacy worker, you go home with ease or at work, and drink the acquired medicine.


    Advice of Dr. Popov: Chronic bronchitis


    You yourself understand that this approach is extremely untrue, because you can hide the symptom of a serious illness that could be quickly diagnosed at an early stage. If you want to self-medicate, then information on how to clean the liver or how to clean the intestines is suitable for this Bole.


    For general information, let's look at what the pharmacy workers recommend us most often.


    How to quickly get rid of a strong smoker's cough, dry and wet cough


    If you are interested in how to get rid of a smoker’s cough, you must first get rid of nicotine addiction, and for this you can find out how to stop smoking. To drink you will be offered to collect herbs, which they will sell at the pharmacy without any obstacles.



    There are also herbs that are intended for the treatment of dry and wet cough.It is more reasonable to go to a doctor, and he will prescribe an effective medicine that will help get rid of cough, and at the same time decide what his problem is and will not allow you to earn a more serious lung disease. For example, if you do not treat bronchitis, and only block the main symptom, then you can earn this disease in a chronic form.

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