• How to raise a sheepdog?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    August 6, 2012
    How to raise a sheepdog?

    Sheepdogs - one of the smartest dogs among all existing. It is for this reason that they are used for official purposes by the police and border guards. If you are reading this article, you are probably wondering how to raise a sheepdog properly. We will be happy to share this information with you.

    How to raise a German Shepherd

    • To begin with, it should be said that all the shepherd dogs are very malleable for dog training, which means you will definitely succeed. The main thing - to make at least some effort. And the more your efforts will be, the better the result will be. Remember that a city apartment for a shepherd dog is a prison. If it so happened that the shepherd dog lives in a regular apartment, then at least provide her with regular walks and normal exercise daily. Attention should be paid to this, for the reason that shepherds, who lack activity, become sad and suffer from apathy. At a minimum, you should spend an hour a day working actively with the dog.
    • Many do not know how to raise a puppy shepherd correctly.Start doing this with two months. Walking on the street, train your pet. From the very beginning let us understand that you are the main and leader. Teach your dog to walk beside you. It is not necessary for these purposes to shout at her or assault. A proud shepherd will never forgive you for such an attitude. Use the intonation of your voice, however, never go beyond the invisible edge.
    • By nature, a shepherd is a guard dog. In general, your pet may seem calm and balanced to you, however, if someone doesn’t like a shepherd, be sure that she will definitely show her character. But this is only if you follow the recommendations that we cited above. If the dog is apathetic and will live with you, for example, on the balcony, it will not be able to protect your family at the right time, but rather will only care about its own safety. There were cases when, during a predatory attack on an apartment, a shepherd dog was huddled under a sofa and made no sound. But only her masters are to blame for this, as they were not properly engaged in her upbringing and training.
    • Use the carrot and stick system.Censure your pet if it does not behave properly. If, on the contrary, you like his behavior, give him a treat and praise him. In general, it will never be superfluous to turn to specialists who will teach you to train your dog correctly. Fortunately, there are such people in every city.

    When deciding how to raise a shepherd, do not forget that for each particular dog you need your own approach. And if someone has a certain way of education, and you do not, then do not be surprised. We hope that your shepherd will become your reliable friend.

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