• How to read mms in Megaphone

    You will need
    • - phone;
    • - SIM card of OJSC Megafon.
    To view the incoming MMS message, you must configure your phone. To do this, contact the nearest office of Megafon mobile operator, you should have a SIM card and a mobile phone with you. The employee of the cellular company will configure you not only the mms parameter, but also access to the Internet, since the reception and transmission of messages is carried out using gprs.
    You can also customize the phone yourself. To do this, call the subscriber service line on the short number 0890, wait for the operator to answer and, calling the phone model, receive the settings as a message. After that, activate them using the �Configuration� and �Accounts� items.
    You can then receive and send multimedia messages through your cell phone. In the event that you received mms, it will be displayed on the display of your mobile phone. Usually the message that a new message has been received is displayed. You just need to click "View".If the message does not appear, go to the phone menu, click on the message �Messages�, then in the window that opens, select MMS. You will see a list of all received multimedia messages, they are arranged in chronological order. Click on the last - before you receive the file.
    You can also send a reply mms to the sender. To do this, click on the item "Options", find the "Answer". Next, select a file from the gallery and, uploading it to the message form, click �Submit�.
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    Helpful advice
    Remember that sending and receiving messages is carried out via the Internet, so if there is no money on your balance sheet, mms will not be received, and a service message will come from Megafon, which will contain a link where you can view or listen to the file.

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