• How to reduce the fraction?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    March 28, 2013
    How to reduce the fraction?

    Fraction reduction is used not only for regular ordinary fractions, but also for those fractions that are represented by the particular two polynomials, including the variable. A regular fraction is called the correct one, in which the number in the denominator is greater than the number in the numerator. Fractions are reduced for easier handling with lower numbers. From the materials of this article you will learn how to reduce the fraction of an ordinary fraction.

    Fractions reduction

    • First, the estimation method is used. You need to look at what factors you can decompose the numerical value of the numerator and denominator. If they have a common factor, then divide them into it. For example, you want to reduce the fraction: 30/60. Looks at what factors the number 30 is expanded (these are numbers 5 and 6). Analyze the number 60, it can be decomposed into 5, 6 and 12. Take the common factor 5. Fraction divided by it, it turns out 6/12. The fraction is reduced again, by 6. It turns out ½.
    • Another way to reduce the fraction. It is necessary to find a common factor for the numerator and denominator. To do this, each of these numbers is decomposed into prime factors. For example, the fraction 25/125.The numerator is decomposed like this: 25: 5: 5 = 1. The denominator is 125: 5: 5: 5 = 1.
    • We are looking for the greatest common factor. For this purpose, all the factors are written out, which are repeated both in the first and in the second number once. It will be 5; 5. They multiply together. 5x5 = 25. This is the greatest common divisor by which the fraction will be reduced. As a result, we get 1/5.
    • Finding the common factors of certain numbers will be faster if you know the signs of divisibility.

    Now you know the rules for reducing fractions. This will help you in life as a general development or to explain this topic to your child at school. We wish you good luck!

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