• How to remove ads in "Contact"?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    May 10, 2015
    How to remove ads in "Contact"?

    Of course, it is easy to understand why there is so much advertising in the Vkontakte social network - this is a good way to make money for the creators of the social network itself. And the fact that Vkontakte has a huge number of users and high attendance makes this social network a desirable place to place any advertisement. But users excessive advertising is often annoying. Consider how you can remove ads in the "Contact".

    Advertising on this social network is of two types. The first type is the official advertisement that the creators put there. It is displayed on the page on the left as a block of two advertisements. It is completely easy to get rid of it, you just need to download and install on your computer a special browser extension Adblock Plus. This extension will block ads, leaving your page clean.

    • If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, then you need to go through this (just click the "add to Firefox" button, then "Install Now").
    • For Google Chrome users, this one will do (you need to click the "Free" button, then "Add" button).
    • If you have installed the Opera browser, then go through this (button "Add to Opera", "Install").

    After the installation of the extension is completed, close your browser, and then open it again. If done correctly, ad units should disappear. If you have to reinstall or update your browser, the installation procedure for the Adblock Plus plugin needs to be repeated.

    There is a "vkontakte" and another, more unpleasant type of advertising. These are various pop-ups that appear in different parts of the screen. Such advertising appears because special extensions are installed in your browser. You may not even remember how the OK button was automatically pressed somewhere, after which the extension was automatically installed on your computer. To get rid of such advertising, just go to the browser settings and remove all unknown and suspicious extensions, and then update Vkontakte.

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