• How to remove extensible eyelashes

    How to remove extensible eyelashesEyelashes, extended in the salon, can make any woman's face more expressive. You do not have to use mascara - from your look and so will all the men go crazy. But after a certain time all this beauty will have to be removed. But how to remove the extended eyelashes? This will be discussed below.

    How to remove the extended eyelashes debonder

    Of course, it is best in this case to turn to a competent specialist who produced the build-up. Only he knows how to remove the extended eyelashes. Most likely, even during the build-up procedure, he will tell you how much it costs to remove the extended eyelashes. You will know in advance how much you need to count on in the future.

    When you decide to remove the extended beams, an experienced master, having previously protected the area around the eyes, will apply the debonder with a special brush. After that, after waiting a certain time, he will begin to remove the extended eyelashes, slightly sipping for them. A good debonder allows you to perform the procedure in such a way that it does not cause severe damage to your natural eyelashes.

    Now you know perfectly well how to remove the lashes in the salon conditions. If the procedure is performed by an experienced professional, you will not have to experience discomfort. To remove the remnants of the glue, the master will treat the skin of the eyelids and eyelashes with a special tonic. This stage is very important, because otherwise the residual tar glue will cause irritation and lead to the appearance of inflamed areas.

    How else can you remove the extended eyelashes

    If you do not want to spend money on visiting the salon, then you will be helped to learn how to remove the extended eyelashes, video, where the whole procedure is shown in detail. These videos are easy to find on the Internet. Carefully viewing this video, you will become acquainted with all the subtleties of this manipulation and will be able to implement it without the help of a specialist.

    But how at home to remove the extended eyelashes in such a way as not to cause significant damage to their own? It is desirable in this case to use castor oil. It will not only allow you to remove the extended beams, but will also feed your eyelashes and will stimulate their growth.

    How to remove the extended eyelashes with oil? This procedure is not very simple, but still every woman can cope with it:

    1. Carefully remove all cosmetics from the face.
    2Cut the cotton pad in half so that you get a pair of semicircles.
    3. Wet semicircles in warm castor oil and squeeze them a little.
    4. Put one half under the lower eyelid. Close the eye and lubricate the eyelashes with warmed-up oil along their entire length. After this, repeat the procedure with the second eye. It is necessary to ensure that no oil gets into the mucous membrane of the eye.
    5. Take a comfortable position and try to relax. Sit for half an hour, eyes closed. During this time, the resin glue should soften.
    6. After this massage your fingers with the area of ​​the growth of eyelashes. After some time, the beams will begin to peel off a little. But you can not pull the lashes hard.
    7. Carefully remove the stuck eyelashes with tweezers.
    8. If you did not immediately remove all the extended beams, repeat the procedure after a while or leave castor oil overnight. Then in the morning you can remove them without much difficulty.

    Now that you have learned how to remove the lashes yourself, you will most likely try this procedure yourself. If at first you do not succeed, do not despair - when you get some skill, you will easily remove the bunches.

    What can be removed extended eyelashes, except for vegetable oil? You can purchase a debonder at a specialized store and apply it using the above method. There is a cheaper and more affordable way - just buy an ordinary fat children's cream.

    Thanks to its oils, the glue will dissolve, and the extended cilia will also be able to be removed without damaging the area around the eyes. Try different ways. Then you can determine which one you like best.

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