• How to remove from the lungs nicotine

    As soon as you quit smoking, start taking herbal remedies. They will contribute to the dilution of nicotine and mucus inlungsand output them. But do not worry, if you have a strong cough, it will gradually pass. Try to drink as much liquid as possible, so expectoration will be more abundant, and cleansing faster.
    Steam inhalationlungs. Pour water into a deep basin, add soda or fir essential oil and breathe vapors. If you are a lover of steam, pour cedar, fir or pine oil diluted with water onto the stove. Breathe as deeply as possible, because with the help of evaporation from oils the lungs are disinfected and cleaned of toxins.
    Exercise that stimulates breathing: running, push-ups, swimming, or others. When the lungs contract, they begin to increase their volume. If you have no time to do physical exercises, just inhale deeply through your nose and exhale sharply through your mouth and in the reverse order.Gradually, more air will be placed in the lungs, and they will increase to the extent that they were before smoking.
    Try to eat well, but eat moderately. Weight may increase slightly, but over time it will return to normal. Sitting on a diet during the period of rehabilitation after smoking is impossible, it can negatively affect the health of the psyche. Also take vitamins and antioxidant complexes. Consult with a physician about the type of drugs required. Do not forget to undergo fluorography.
    If improvements do not occur, and you are tormented by a shortness of breath, immediately go to the hospital. After many years of smoking, asthma can develop. In some cases, pumping sputum on special equipment. The less a person smoked, the faster he can return to a full life and restore the volumelungs.

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