• How to remove hair in the bikini zone?

    For more than 3 thousand years, women in many countries of the world have been removing hair in the bikini area. However, today this procedure is the most relevant, because by modern standards a smooth bikini area is a sign of the general grooming of a lady. Besides the hairs which are getting out from under underwear look ugly.

    There are several ways to remove hair in the bikini area. They are divided into two groups: depilation and hair removal. Such procedures can be performed both at home and in salons.

    Hair depilation

    This procedure involves the incomplete destruction of the hair; only that part of it that is located above the surface of the skin is removed. The hair follicle remains intact, which means that after a while it will be necessary to remove the hair again.

    Depilation includes shaving and the use of various creams, oils and lotions. All these methods are united by ease of implementation, low cost, and the need for regular implementation.

    Shave hair

    It is the easiest option to remove hair in the bikini area. It does not take much time and is absolutely painless. At the same time there is a risk of a cut, and this procedure should be carried out almost every day. But shaving is ideal for removing hair in the deep bikini area, and it is easy to perform at home on your own.

    Chemical depilation

    The use of creams and lotions to get rid of unwanted vegetation has been called chemical depilation. The unique composition of such funds destroys the hair structure, leaving its follicle intact. Such depilation is painless, but just like shaving, requires regular repetition. Hair removal in the bikini area in this way can be carried out both at home and in the salon. In the latter case, experts use more powerful tools that can not only remove hair in the bikini area, but also significantly slow down their growth.

    Depilation is really able to get rid of excess vegetation in the bikini area, only its duration is rather short. Therefore, many girls choose hair removal - a more expensive, painful, but also effective way to remove hair.

    Epilation: how to remove hair in the bikini zone for a long time

    The main difference between this procedure and depilation is that it allows you to remove hair in the bikini area along with the root. The result of the procedure is stored for a long time. And the optimal time for its implementation is considered the interval from 4th to 7th day of the menstrual cycle.

    Hair removal itself can be performed in several ways:

    1. Use wax or shugaring. Warm wax or a special sugar paste is applied to the bikini area against the growth of hair, and after three minutes dramatically breaks down. The effect of this procedure is wonderful, the skin is smooth, clean and without irritation. But the process is accompanied by severe pain.
    2. Laser hair removal - almost painless procedure. Allows for a few sessions, not only remove all the hair, but also stop their growth for a long time.
    3. Photoepilation does not remove the roots from the hair, but burns them out. The result lasts a long time, however, without regular repetition of the procedure, the hairs begin to grow even more intensively.
    4. Plucking is considered the most painful method of epilation. It consists in pulling extra hairs in the bikini area with tweezers. Hair after plucking does not grow very long, and the skin remains smooth and silky.
    5. Using the epilator allows you to quickly remove hair in the bikini area at home.But the procedure is very painful, so not everyone can use this method.

    Many gynecologists advise to remove hair in the bikini area, since their increased number is the source of mass reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the removal of excess vegetation on this part of the body is not just a trend of fashion, but a real necessity.

    As you can see, you can remove hair in the bikini zone in various ways. You just need to decide what is more important to you: the duration of the result, the simplicity or speed of getting rid of unwanted vegetation.

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