• How to remove rust from clothes?

    Lilya Mayak
    Lilya Mayak
    November 26, 2014
    How to remove rust from clothes?

    Rust stains are among the most difficult to remove. Even the most expensive and high-quality chemicals are often unarmed in the fight against such a problem. But do not immediately send your favorite things in the trash just because they appeared such spots. There are several effective ways to help remove rust stains from clothes.

    How to remove rust from white clothes

    To remove rust from white clothes, use the following effective methods:

    • Mix an equal amount of salt and tartaric acid and add water to the mixture to obtain a slurry. This tool should be applied to the stain and place the thing in the sun for a few hours until it disappears completely. Then the clothes should be rinsed in cold water and only then washed in the usual way. For colored fabrics, this method is not suitable, since clothing may discolor.
    • Dissolve 10 g of hyposulfite in one glass of water and heat to 65 degrees.Then put the thing in the solution and keep until the spot disappears. After the procedure, clothes are washed in warm and then in cold water. Instead of hyposulphite, oxalic or citric acid is also added.
    • Dissolve 8 g of hydrochloric acid in 100 ml of water and drop a little of this solution on the desired tissue, then immediately wipe the stain with a swab moistened with cold water. If after treatment the stain remains, you can repeat the procedure.

    How to remove rust from colored clothes

    With colored things rust stains can be removed using the following methods:

    • Mix equal quantities of water, grated white chalk and glycerin. The resulting mass should rub the stain and leave for 1 day, after which the clothes can be washed in the usual way.
    • Moisten the stain with lemon juice or dilute citric acid in water, then iron the fabric with a warm iron through a paper towel. The procedure can be repeated until the complete removal of the stain. Then the thing is washed in cold water and only after that in warm with the help of powder.
    • Clothes with a rusty stain can be held over boiling tea for a few minutes, then rub it with lemon juice and wash it in warm water.

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