• How to remove the exhaust manifold?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    May 24, 2015
    How to remove the exhaust manifold?

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    How to remove the exhaust manifold?

    The exhaust manifold on the cars VAZ 2108 and 2109 has to be removed quite often, namely, every time a change in its gasket is required, which, when it burns out (and this is not a rare case), starts to exhaust the exhaust gases under the hood, which does not, like you, guess no good. However, this procedure is not very complicated, and you can do it yourself. Let's figure out how to remove the exhaust manifold and change the gasket yourself.


    The first thing to do to replace the gasket is to find the following tools:

    • cap or rozhkovy key to 13;
    • end deep head 13;
    • extension;
    • ratchet handle;
    • gasket remover;
    • sandpaper (zero);
    • a knife or a thin screwdriver.

    Dismantling the collector

    1. Remove the air filter and dismantle the carburetor.
    2. Disconnect the 4 nuts securing the exhaust manifold to the exhaust pipe.
    3. Pull the pipe slightly to the side, removing it from the studs, and undo the remaining nuts securing the manifold.
    4. All! The collector can be removed.

    Gasket replacement

    The gasket is usually detached simply, it is simply removed from the studs, but if it is stuck to the cylinder head, it will need to be carefully picked up with a screwdriver or a knife to remove. Then it is desirable to process the place of fastening of the old gasket with a special spray — it should be applied to the surface and wait 15 minutes. After spraying, the surface can also be “polished” with zero sandpaper.

    It remains only to attach the new gasket, putting it on the special studs, and install the collector back by performing the reverse procedure for dismantling.

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