• How to remove the mirror?

    Olga Lysenko
    Olga Lysenko
    January 31, 2013
    How to remove the mirror?

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    How to remove the mirror?

    If suddenly the driver, inadvertently moving in the stream, through his own or someone else's fault, damaged the side mirrors of the car, it means that they will have to be changed, and the owner of the car has a question how to remove the mirror himself. You should also do in the event that chips, scratches or other defects appear on the reflecting surface, although here it is enough to install only a plate.

    In no case is not recommended to make independent repairs, if your mirrors are equipped with heated or electric. Solving the problem of how to remove the side mirror, you can easily create several others that can be eliminated only in the auto repair shop. In case of breakage of the usual mirror, you can try to do it yourself.

    In addition, now on the Internet you can find any kind of instructions: from text to video (at the end of the topic) with the analysis of other people's errors and different models of cars.

    Self-replacement mirror

    So, if you have carefully studied everything, then proceed. You will need no more than 15 minutes.Nothing complicated here, so that the extra fears and nervousness to anything.

    • When replacing the glass, simply apply a small force to press the fingers on the surface from the door to the outer edge, and then pick up the plate and remove it from the grooves.
    • When repairing the entire side mirror, you need to turn the regulator knob at a right angle and remove the rubber seal, then the plastic cover and under the foam layer find the fastener-clamp. After that, it is necessary to carefully unscrew it and remove the entire structure.

    In that case, if you are wondering, not knowing how to approach, and how to remove the rear-view mirror, it is better to contact the service station, you may have to remove the casing to get to the connectors.

    In most car models, the internal mirrors are simply dismantled: you need to remove the plastic cover, find the fixing bolts, and unscrew them using an improvised screwdriver. Therefore, problems with solving the problem of how to remove the salon mirror, as a rule, do not arise in this case.

    If you do not feel confident, contact the experts, because driving without mirrors is frivolous and dangerous. Good luck to you!

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