• How to remove the smell of burning?

    All pleasant and unpleasant smells tend to be kept indoors. And it is unpleasant odors that last longer, and getting rid of them causes a lot of trouble. Therefore, if you have burned food on the stove, the kettle has boiled off and has charred (the frying pan, pan), the wiring has caught fire - the smell of burning will stay in your house for a long time. This smell is quickly absorbed into all porous materials: paper, wood and fabrics. And your wallpaper, furniture, clothes smell of burning sure to absorb and preserve.

    How to get rid of the smell of burning in this case? There are two options: to destroy the smell, that is, the soot that is its source, or to suppress the smell of burning with the help of stronger and more pleasant aromas. And you can cope with this task even without household chemicals, using salt water, vinegar, ammonia and natural coffee.

    Emergency measures

    The first thing that will help to remove the smell of burning in the apartment is airing. But only if you ventilate the room immediately after the smell. The source of the smell of burning is smoke and soot contained in it.Therefore, if you immediately carry out an intensive airing, the bulk of the smoke will leave the room. By this you will significantly reduce the risk that the fire will be absorbed into furniture, wallpaper and fabrics.

    If you have an air ionizer, turn it on. The negative ions emitted by this device neutralize the smell: they will pull it in and eliminate it.

    Attention! Do not try to eliminate the smell with an air freshener! Firstly, it will make the smell even more unpleasant, and secondly, the soot with particles of the refresher will settle on the surrounding objects and then surely the smell of burning will be absorbed firmly in them.

    Odor Elimination

    After taking emergency measures, proceed directly to eliminating odor.

    First of all, prepare a strong salt solution, pour it into bowls and arrange it around the house. The larger the evaporation area, the faster the smell will disappear. The principle of operation of this tool is the same as that of the air ionizer.

    The second thing to do is to hang wet sheets and towels indoors. Wet fabric will take on the bulk of the smell. And then all this can be done and that you can not do with wallpaper or furniture.

    The third measure of struggle is freshly ground natural coffee.Firstly, it works as an absorbent, that is, absorbs odors, and secondly, it is itself a source of strong aroma. To enhance the second action of coffee, boil it! The aroma of brewed coffee will muffle the smell of burning.

    The fourth thing to do is to wash the burnt dishes, and to wash the places near the fire center with acidified with vinegar. Or add to water ammonia. After that, you need to walk with a damp cloth on all surfaces: shelves, tables, chairs, etc., and clean the floors. And do not forget to remove and wash curtains, clothes and other textile items that could have time to absorb the smell of burning.

    Now you know how to remove the smell of burning. Try not to delay with all the above actions. And when you're done, bake a fragrant cake. The smell of baking will mask the remnants of an unpleasant amber.

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