• How to remove the windshield?

    In the life of every motorist, there may be situations when the windshield of a favorite car needs to be replaced, and before that, respectively, removed. After all, it may well happen that the windshield is cracked or broken. But not all owners of their iron horses are eager to turn to a car-care center: some want to save money, and some try to do everything themselves. In this article we will give you some tips that relate to removing the windshield of the car. Thanks to our recommendations, you will learn the subtleties of windshield replacement, learn a few tips that will ease your work and help protect the car from damage. So, how to remove the windshield.

    Ways to replace the windshield

    • The very first, and as you may think, the easiest way to remove glass is as follows. We take from the house a thick blanket or cover, we lay it in the cabin, on the floor. Further, with the help of several blows with a hammer, we shatter the glass piece into smithereens. Well, it is, joke.I would like to say that it is necessary to remove the glass very carefully, since it is long and difficult to remove the fragments from it, why should we waste precious time.
    • Well, now, let's be serious. The second way, with which you can remove the windshield - a special machine. She makes neat quick cuts with a special blade. This method is used in modern glass workshops, and not everyone has this machine at hand if necessary.
    • Therefore, we will consider a third, more accessible and simpler method, namely, the method of removing glass with a string. And by the way, when you decide to replace the glass, bring a friend to help.

    How to remove the windshield yourself

    • So, get down to business. First we need to remove all the external parts that will make disassembly difficult. Be sure to remove the wipers and trim. And take care of your car from scratching, because when removing, you can accidentally scratch the hood. To avoid this, cover it with a cloth (blanket, blanket). If the glass can be squeezed out - it is good, if not, you will have to cut it with a string.
    • We take the string from the guitar (third, fourth or fifth number). The string must be braided. The fact of the matter is that when mounting car windows to the body, many car manufacturers use silicone (especially, this concerns foreign cars). So, I will tell you in secret, braid on the string will help to easily cut through this glue.
    • Next, we choose a convenient angle for us in the place of landing of the windshield, and, with the help of awls, we make a neat puncture. Into the resulting hole insert our string. In this case, one person must hold his edge of the string from inside the cabin, and the friend outside the car has a second end.
    • Then, we direct the string in the direction of the silicone, carefully cutting it. So we have to go around the entire perimeter of the windshield.
    • Now carefully remove the glass and remove away.
    • I want to say, cutting the windshield, be careful. Make sure that the string does not damage the plastic elements in the car.

    Board number 1: when you dismantle the windshield, on the perimeter will remain the remains of the old silicone. Some motorists clean it off, thinking that this is better. But this is a fallacy.The old silicone will additionally hold the new glass after installation, it seems to be an additional adhesion between the glass and the seat.

    Tip number 2: in the process of work you will be easier if you work in mittens.

    This way you can dismantle not only the front glass of your car, but also the rear. That is, in principle, everything that a car enthusiast needs to know, who decided to start dismantling the windshield of his car. I would like to add that in fact there is nothing complicated in this process. Maybe someone will tell you that nothing will come of it, do not listen. With this method of dismantling, you can save a lot of money on which you can buy something you need for your favorite iron horse. The main thing in this business is accuracy and caution then everything will turn out as it should.

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