• How to remove Vebalta?

    What only viruses and annoying applications will not catch on the network! All of them annoy the user and interfere with fast computer operation. Removing them is usually very difficult. But you can get rid of the virus using the appropriate program. In this article, just figure out how to remove Webbalt (Webalta) from the computer.

    We clean the register

    Webalta is usually registered in the registry, and therefore the usual removal of the program will not help you, which means that we will work, including with the registry:

    1. Close all browsers.
    2. Open the "Start" menu, in the line "Find programs and files" specify the word "regedit", press "Enter".
    3. Before us open the registry, select the registry tab "Edit", then - "Find".
    4. In the line "Find" enter the word "Webalta".
    5. Delete all found components.
    6. Exit the registry and go into it again - it is likely that the deleted components will be detected again, and therefore we delete everything again. The procedure will probably need to be performed a couple of times in order to erase everything, as they say, completely.

    Delete folders and files on the computer

    1. We launch any file manager, for example, Total Commander or standard Windows Explorer.
    2. With the help of the conductors, we look for all components with the name "Webalta" on all the computer disks and delete them.

    Remove browser shortcuts

    Webalta is prescribed in browser shortcuts, and therefore they must also be removed. Important! Remove the labels of all browsers, not just those you use, Webalta copies itself well. Removing shortcuts from the desktop, do not forget about the Quick Launch bar and the Start menu.

    Remove from browser settings

    Webalta leaves its mark in the browser settings. To remove the program, do the following:

    1. Find the file "user.js" by following the path - С: / Documents and Setting / Username / Application Data / Mozilla / Firefox / Profiles / xxx.default, where xxx is an arbitrary name.
    2. Open the file user.js, delete the entry "http // webalta .ru" and specify the desired address of the home page instead. You can write "about: blank" - then the homepage will be empty.
    3. On the way indicated in the first paragraph, we also find the file "prefs.js", look for the user_pref entry ("browser.startup.homepage", "http // webalta .ru") and set the address of any other desired page.
    4. In the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ system32, look for the file operaprefs_fixed.ini, delete it.

    Final touches

    So, our fight is almost over, just a little bit remains:

    1. Reboot the computer.
    2. Run antivirus (if you do not have it, download it).
    3. If according to the results of the work of the antivirus there is a file "adware.webalta", put it in quarantine.

    That's all. In theory, as a result of all the above actions, you will not only be able to get rid of Webalta, but also to insure yourself against reinfection.

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