• How to respond to the interview?

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    How to respond to the interview?

    In order to successfully pass an interview, you need to properly prepare for it - choose the appropriate style of clothing, style of communication, gather more information about the company in which you are going to get a job. - we have already talked about all this in detail in our article.

    It will not be out of place to rehearse your answers to the most frequently asked questions at the interview.

    How to respond to the interview: tips

    With the answers to most questions from applicants, as a rule, there is no difficulty. Always answer truthfully questions about marital status, education and skills. With the request: “Tell me all about yourself” to cope, too, is not difficult - you just need to make a list of the milestones of your biography in advance. But there are still such particularly intricate questions that many respondents baffle. In order not to blunder, answering questions with a trick, you need to prepare in advance on them the "correct" answers.

    Why do you want to work in our company?

    Needless to say, you really need this job, even if you’ve really been aground for a long time and are ready to grab hold of the lack of money. Excessive frankness in answering this delicate question is simply irrelevant, but a small portion of fine flattery can be very helpful.

    Therefore, in a conversation, try to unobtrusively emphasize that you approach the search for a new place very responsibly, since you would not like to work in a company with a dubious reputation or in a company where, for a good specialist, of course, you have no career prospects and professional growth. And as about the company - a potential employer - from all, without exception, you heard only the most positive reviews, it is not surprising that you always wanted to get a job in it.

    Therefore, having learned that in such a solid, fast-growing company, which is a leader in its field, a vacancy finally appeared, you were quick to send your resume there.To find a job in a company that, in addition to all the above, is famous for its high stable salaries and caring attitude towards its employees, you consider it a great success.

    Why did you leave your previous job?

    There is simply no one right answer to this particularly tricky question that all personnel officers so much like to ask, but there is one absolutely wrong answer that applicants for the position often give in the simplicity of their heart.

    In no case do not repeat their mistake and, if you really want to get a new job, never complain about the previous one. Even if you were expelled from a past place with a scandal or the team was more like a serpentarium than a human society, do not mention this in the interview. Recalling the former self-centered director and unsuccessful colleagues, you give reason to assume that in the future you will also respond in the same way about the new bosses and colleagues. Any company wants to have only loyal employees in its staff, so after such an angry rant you will be refused employment.

    It is also not worth mentioning in the conversation that the old job had a low salary (conclusion - you are only interested in money) and too strict discipline (conclusion - you are lazy and a slacker).

    If you were fired due to the closure of the company or to reduce the state, you only need to tell the truth. You can also refer to the fact that for some reason you have become uncomfortable with the previous work schedule or that it has become very difficult for you to get to your former job place due to the move.

    In a pinch, you can say that you have outgrown your previous position professionally, and you didn’t have any opportunities for further career growth in the old place due to the fact that the company was small and did not plan to expand in the foreseeable future.

    Do you have bad qualities?

    Even a child understands that the personnel officer doesn’t expect a fair answer to this question from you - who in his right mind, according to his own will, will tell the worst about himself? It is much more important for him to see how you can get out in this situation. Therefore, answering this question "with a trick", be especially careful in your statements.

    You should not immediately declare with aplomb that you are perfection itself, consist of some merits and are completely devoid of any shortcomings - such an answer only testifies to the limited mind and hypertrophied self-conceit.

    But to admit for a lot of all sins and vices, too, is no good.Therefore, if you will not succeed in evading a direct answer, it is better to admit the presence of such innocent weaknesses that can in no way affect your positive image - let’s say you are afraid of the dark or like to eat at night and cannot deny yourself this pleasure.

    In addition, we can mention such shortcomings that can be interpreted in two ways and if you want to turn into advantages, for example, you are a bad housewife and the food in your home is all out of bags, but this is because you constantly stay up at work. Or another option: you do not know how to refuse people, and therefore often have to do the job, as they say, for two.

    What salary do you want to receive from us?

    One should not even try to answer this question with a counter-question: “How much are you willing to pay me?”, Since you are unlikely to get the answer. After all, if a specific figure was not named in the job ad, it means that the employer company has such a policy in the field of hiring its employees. Therefore, if the specific amount has not been previously stipulated anywhere, you need to decide in advance for yourself what kind of salary you would really arrange.

    Giving an answer to this delicate question should not be guided by a sense of false modesty and call a clearly underestimated amount - if you are hired, you may have to work for this meager salary for several years.

    In order not to fall into another extreme and do not overreact, you first need to figure out how such work is paid in your region, and already focusing on the information collected, you can call the minimum wage for which you are ready to do such work.

    Successful answers to all the questions posed to you alone are not enough to successfully get a job. In addition, you need to be able to write a resume and know what requirements present-day employers place on job seekers.

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