• How to restore nails after the procedure of extension?

    If you are building up your nails, you probably noticed that after such a procedure they do not look the best. How to restore your nails and make them beautiful, healthy and strong?

    Marigold must be healthy

    Do nails need recovery after a buildup?

    Is the buildup procedure harmful? Yes, of course.

    • Firstly, for better adhesion of the nail plate with the composition, the nail surface is cut down. And this is a mechanical damage, which, of course, causes damage to the structure of the nail.
    • Secondly, the compositions themselves contain synthetic components that can penetrate the nail tissue. If the master uses quality tools for building, then they will not harm so much. But if the compositions are of low quality, the condition of the nails will certainly worsen.
    • Third, under the artificial plates your own nails do not have the ability to "breathe", that is, to get the necessary amount of oxygen.Therefore, after the gel or acrylic nail plates become depleted, thin, brittle and fragile.
    • Fourthly, the procedure of removing artificial nails is also harmful. Together with an artificial wizard, you can also delete part of your own. And this is also extremely harmful.

    Now you understand why restoration is so important and necessary.

    What to do?

    How to restore nails after extension? There are many ways to restore, we'll talk about everything in more detail.

    We go to the salon

    Special Tools

    In the salon you can offer a variety of procedures that will restore the structure of the nail plate and strengthen the tissue. Here are some of them:

    1. Hot manicure. The essence of this procedure is that the nails are immersed in a special firming and nourishing composition with unique components, heated to 50-60 degrees. Such a temperature, firstly, is favorable for your nails and skin, and secondly, it allows you to open the pores of the nail plates and increase the permeability of tissues. Thirdly, heating allows to improve blood supply. It turns out that the nails receive nutrients and strengthen.
    2. Paraffin baths have about the same effect as hot manicure. Special cosmetic paraffin is used, which heats up to a certain temperature and is applied on the nails and the skin. Remember that there are some contraindications to such a procedure.
    3. Sealing of nails. This is a relatively new method of strengthening. Special nutritional compositions are used, which are applied to the nails and rubbed into the plates. As a result, the nails are sealed, as they are, there remains a thin protective film that continues to nourish and strengthen the tissues.

    Eat right

    Of particular importance is proper nutrition, as the nails should receive everything you need, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Here are a few basic rules and principles:

    • Especially important for nails calcium. You can get it from milk and dairy products, sesame, some nuts (pistachios, almonds), sunflower seeds, as well as green vegetables.
    • For the absorption of calcium you need vitamin D, which is available in yeast, parsley, mushrooms, cod liver and in seafood.
    • Vitamin E, which is found in vegetable oils, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, nuts, as well as in legumes and grains of wheat and oats, is necessary for nails.
    • Be sure to eat more foods that contain vitamin A, such as carrots, sea buckthorn, wild rose, apricot, mountain ash, tomatoes, pumpkin, persimmon, celery, broccoli, beef liver, egg yolks, fish oil.
    • Useful for nails and vitamin B5. You can get it from cereals, dairy products, fish, mushrooms, nuts, by-products, as well as from legumes and cereals.

    It is better to additionally purchase a special vitamin complex to strengthen the nails.

    We buy special tools

    In specialized stores, you can find a variety of a variety of means to strengthen and restore nails. Some of them are really effective. But when choosing pay attention to the composition.

    There should be as little artificial additives as possible and as many natural ingredients as possible, such as vitamins, oils, plant extracts, and so on. In addition, it is better to give preference to proven and well-proven cosmetics manufacturers.

    We do the right manicure

    Here are some basic rules of strengthening manicure for restoring nails at home:

    • Cut the fingernails regularly, this will allow you to quickly restore the nail plates and grow healthy marigolds.
    • Do not cover the nails with varnish, let them recover, rest and be saturated with oxygen.
    • Do not use coarse nail files, they severely damage nail tissue.
    • Do a manicure regularly, and also use remedies.
    • Do a massage. Just massage your nails to improve the blood supply to the tissues.

    We strengthen nails at home

    They need to take care

    We offer several folk recipes:

    1. Mix half a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice, and 10 drops of vitamins E and A. Rub this composition into the nail plate before going to bed every day. To enhance the effect, you can wear special or ordinary rubber gloves.
    2. Take half of the raw potato, rub it on a grater and apply the mashed potatoes on your nails for an hour. To make the procedure more effective, put on polyethylene gloves, and on top also warm mittens.
    3. Perfectly strengthen the nails saline bath. You only need water and salt (it is better to use natural sea, it is more useful).Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm clean water. Immerse your nails in this liquid for 15-20 minutes, and then rub the composition into the nail plates. Perform such procedures daily.
    4. Oil baths are also helpful. For example, you can take, for example, flaxseed, olive or ordinary vegetable oil. In 100 milliliters of the base, add 10 drops of tea tree oil, almonds and grape seeds. Heat the composition in a water bath to 50-60 degrees, lower the nails into it for half an hour. Remains do not rinse, but, on the contrary, rub in marigolds.
    5. Make berry masks. You can use any berries, for example, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries. Crush berries and apply on nails, and then put on gloves. An hour later, massage the nails, and remove the remnants of the composition with a cotton disc.

    Helpful Tips

    Some useful tips:

    • Avoid contact of nails with aggressive compounds.
    • Wear rubber gloves before cleaning or washing dishes.
    • Do not allow hypothermia nails.
    • Strengthen the marigold complex.
    • Do not grow your nails at least 1-2 months.
    • Restore the nails after each build.

    Let your nails be healthy and beautiful!

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