• How to return a guy, if he is a Taurus on a horoscope?)

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    Answered on December 6, 2014 20:55
    Taurus stubborn, but good. And the family is valued, so they are ready for a serious relationship and thoughtlessly parting is not in their style. So be gentle to him, and everything will work out. Just have to wait. They don't like drastic actions. Fire up - please: the bull's rage sometimes manifests itself in the representatives of this sign. Do not rush things. Loving Taurus will certainly return. It is also important to understand the reason for the gap. If this is jealousy, then you need to show a man that he is the only one. It will help calm, frank conversation. Taurus is very jealous, sometimes they quarrel over insignificant reason, but because of pride they don’t try to reconcile later, although they want to.
    Nina Volkova
    Nina Volkova
    Answered on December 6, 2014 21:17
    Prepare a delicious dinner, create a romantic atmosphere, and then call it. Tell me how you love him and that he is the best. all.

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