• How to rinse your mouth during stomatitis?

    Stomatitis- This is a disease of the oral mucosa, characterized by the appearance of ulcers. Stomatitis may occur due to beriberi, drinking too hot a meal, neglecting hygiene, taking a long time, or suffering from blood and skin problems. However, the most common cause of stomatitis is an acute infection. This disease is caused by microorganisms located on the surface of the mucous membrane, which are inactive, but are activated as soon as the immune system weakens.

    Many people are mistaken that stomatitis does not need to be treated and it will pass on its own. However, the treatment of this disease is a necessity, as it increases the lymph nodes, the presence of ulcers creates discomfort during the use of food or water, and the general well-being of a person worsens significantly. In children, stomatitis also increases the temperature.


    Symptoms of stomatitis

    • The inner surface of the lips and cheeks is covered with erosions, ulcers and aphthae;
    • Mucous membranes are covered with bloom, which look like sour milk;
    • Ulcers appear on the surface of the skin near the mouth.

    If you identify the characteristic symptoms of stomatitis, you should immediately consult a doctor. If this is not possible - it does not matter, since this problem can be dealt with at home. The main thing is to find a suitable means for rinsing the oral cavity, the best of which we will give you below.

    What remedies are effective for rinsing the mouth during stomatitis?

    • After each meal, and 2-3 times a day, rinse your mouth with hot boiled water;
    • At the initial stage of the disease, 50% propolis tincture will be effective. Before using the tincture, rinse the sores with hydrogen peroxide, then dry them with a warm air jet and drip with propolis, then dry them again so that a thin layer of propolis film forms;
    • Purchase Stone Oil as a powder here, and dissolve it in warm, boiled water. Flush your mouth with stone oil for suppuration and inflammation of the mucous membranes for 10 days;
    • To remove the pain in the mouth, use a solution of hydrogen peroxide, diluted with 1 teaspoon of the ingredient in half a glass of water;
    • Regularly chew the leaves of aloe, lubricate their gums, wash the mucous membranes with fresh sap of the leaves of the plant;
    • Well helps with stomatitis fresh carrot juice, which must be diluted with sterile water in a 1: 1 ratio;
    • Cook gruel from 3 cloves of garlic and 1 tsp of yogurt. Put the mixture in your mouth and spread it over the affected sores using the tongue. At first, you will feel a burning sensation, so you have to suffer. These procedures must be repeated 3 times a day;
    • Also from 3 pounded garlic cloves, you can make a mixture with the addition of 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Before putting the agent in your mouth, heat it up, and then also spread it over the sore spots with the help of tongue. During these procedures, you will again have to endure a burning sensation, and this should be done 2-3 times a day;
    • To the inflamed gums, you can also put raw potatoes crushed in gruel or rinse them with fresh cabbage juice diluted with boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio;
    • To rinse the mouth, you can make a tincture of flatheaded grass, after boiling it for 15 minutes in water, infusing for 1 hour and filtering;
    • From the herb St. John's wort can be prepared tincture on 40 percent alcohol, which will have anti-inflammatory and astringent action when rinsing the mouth and gums. Proportion for preparation: 1 part of Hypericum herb for 5 parts of alcohol or vodka. 40 drops of the resulting tincture diluted with half a glass of water;
    • From 1 tablespoon of calendula medicinal, boiled in 1 cup of boiled water, you can prepare a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and regenerating agent against stomatitis;
    • Another antiseptic and anti-inflammatory mouthwash is made from chamomile pharmacy. 20 grams of plants, pour 1 cup of boiled hot water, let it brew, then add 4 grams of boric acid.

    Consider that stomatitis prevention is even more important than treating the disease itself, because without appropriate preventive measures, this problem can arise again and again. Try to eliminate the cause, which provokes the appearance of inflammatory processes of a chronic nature, constantly observe the oral hygiene, harden and strengthen the immune system.It is important after the end of the treatment of stomatitis to change the toothbrush.

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