• How to rip

    Download and install on your computer the application for creating rips XviD4PSP 5.0. You can download it at the following link http://www.winnydows.com/#Downloads. Run the program. If you need to rip from a video file, select the “Open” command, if there is a DVD from the disc. In the next window, select the desired material, click "OK".
    Select the audio track, there are usually several on the DVD. If you need to create a rip of a small size, choose a two-channel track, if the rip is 1.4 GB or more in size, in this case you can choose multi-channel tracks. When attaching a track, consider that its bitrate should not exceed 40% of the video bitrate.
    Launch the program "Notepad", paste the code from the following page into it: http://streamzone.ru/videouroki-i-obuchayushhie-interaktivnye-dvd/bez-kategorii-5/17029-kak-sdelat-pravilnyj-rip-s -pomoshhyu-programmy.html. Save this file in the XviD4PSP5 / presets / encoding / AVI Hardware / video program folder as 1460.
    Go to the rip settings, set the following parameters: file format - avi, filtering - set Disabled, in the item “Color correction” set the value to MPEG2fix. To encode a video, select the file created in the third step.In the item "Audio encoding" set the format to AC3, if you create a rip of 1.46 GB or more, if 745 MB or less, then set the format of mp3.
    Select "Video", then "Resolution / Aspect." In the opened window with the settings, set the final resolution to 720. If the non-zero values ​​are set in the “Trimming” menu item, add them, subtract from 720 and set the obtained value. Next, go to the "Encoding options". The value of the "Quality" should be about 0,22 - 0,25. If this figure is less, go back to the previous point and reduce the resolution of the video file.
    Pay attention to the following points when creating a rip: the resolution of the video file should not be more than 720 pixels wide, maintain the correct aspect ratio. Their multiplicity should be 16. Note that the video bitrate should not be more than 2400.

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