• How to scan text?

    To translate a paper version of the document in the electronic you need a scanner. For its operation, you must install the driver. Everything you need can always be installed from the installation disk that came with the device or downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. When the driver is installed, connect the scanner to the computer using a native patch cable. We now turn directly to how to scan text and translate its text editor to format and make changes.

    Text scanning

    • Run the scan program from the Start menu or via a shortcut on the desktop (depending on where the startup file is installed).
    • Open the scanner cover and put the material to scan the text down, as even as possible to the edges of the scanner. The most important thing is that the scanner lid fits snugly to the scanned document, without missing external lighting on the working surface of the scanner.
    • Next, set the resolution to scan the document. The larger it is, the clearer the image is.To translate scanned text qualitatively, there is no need to set a large resolution, you will not get much benefit from it. It is recommended to set the resolution from 400 to 500 dpi. With this setting, the image is of high quality and the scanning process does not take much time. The scanner is designed so that at first it stores the file in the internal memory, and only after closing the driver window saves it to the computer. It remains only to specify the path where the results will be saved.

    Recognition of scanned images

    To do this, you need a program for scanned text - FineReader. By setting the scan language, you can begin the process of recognition.

    • Click on the arrow to the right of the “Scan” button and then “Open Image”. Open the folder in which the scanned document is saved and click "Open". Further, the program for recognition of scanned text will open the thumbnail of the added file, in the center - a thumbnail in enlarged view, from the bottom - an even larger zoom, on the right - the recognized result.
    • Select the block of text required for recognition. If the image is scanned upside down, you need to rotate it 90 or 180 degrees. We do this using image rotation buttons.Next, set the type of data that we expect at the output: text, image or table. For example, if you need to mark a text block, left-click on the “text”, then hold the left button and drag the cursor to the lower right corner of the block. Text blocks are highlighted in green, and pictures - in red.
    • Next, click on the button "Recognize" and wait until the program for translating scanned text converts images into text.
    • After that, you can save the result in Word using the "Save to Word" button. After clicking on it, a wizard opens to save the scanned results. Here you need to select the document format and tick the box to save all pages. In order to complete the translation of the scanned text in Word, click the "OK" button and the program creates a Word document by inserting the text of the recognized material into it. The resulting document is saved in a folder on the hard disk and you can safely proceed to editing the material received.

    And the last moment. If you scan a magazine or newspaper, the text there is often in the form of columns. These columns in Word sometimes need to be converted to a single text.To do this, you need to select all the text in the columns, enter the "Format" menu, then find the "Columns", select "One" and confirm all your actions with "OK". Only after this procedure will it be possible to translate text into portrait orientation (selected in “Page Settings”), indent fields, change font, etc.

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