• How to see one dream?

    Dreams are a different world in which we can experience and feel much of what is not in real life. Some dreams are so pleasant that you want to see them again and again. But is it possible? It turns out possible.

    How to learn to see the same dream? The most popular way of programming dreams is psychotechnique, which is called “visualization of your own reflection”. The essence of this technique is quite simple, it will help you learn to see one dream several times.

    Visualize the reflection

    Before you fall asleep, you must put a small mirror next to the pillow with a dream program written on it. You can write on the surface of the mirror with anything, ranging from simple markers and ending with women's lipstick. Put a mirror next to the bed. Then, when you feel that you are starting to fall asleep, you should already put this imaginary mirror in front of you for half a nap, see your own reflection in it and hold it for a couple of minutes exactly until you fall into a conscious sleep (OS) with the program thus specified.

    Further work is needed with the same imaginary mirror.If you want to remember the content of your dream, then you need, while you are in the OS state, to briefly write out his main idea on an imaginary mirror. After that, waking up, you need to immediately look in the mirror with a written sleep program. The equipment works without failures, so you immediately recall your own dream in all its details and, if necessary, will be able to record it.

    Now that you have remembered your dream. You will need to read it several times and practice playing it again. To do this, you need to master several techniques of programmable dreams.

    Programmable Dream Techniques

    All methods of programmed dreams can be divided into two groups.

    1. Control of immersion in sleep. During the dive you need to focus on what you want, namely on the dream that you liked. No need to strain, on the contrary, you should relax, but keep in mind one thought that will help you to imagine what you want to see in a dream. Close your eyes and imagine. Try not to be distracted by extraneous thoughts.
    2. Managing the plot of a dream, that is, the dream itself.When you begin to fall asleep, the first moments will plunge into chaos, the images will be unclear, the pictures presented will be quickly replaced by others. But you still need to focus on what you want, even if it leads to a revival. After all, you can still fall asleep again.
    3. Management of the moment of awakening. In a dream, you can order yourself to wake up. To do this, you need before you start to fall into a dream, keep the idea that you are sleeping, and do not forget about it. You can learn a stop word that will help you wake up.

    It is worth noting that from the first time to master all three techniques will not work. Need to train each separately.

    Before you start using any of the techniques, you first need to “install” it in your own subconscious. It is worth considering this stage on an ordinary example: in order for a computer to work, an operating system is needed, and to begin using it, it must first be installed on the hard disk. The situation is similar with the dream techniques that are addressed when they want to learn how to see the same dream several times.

    In this case, it is worth considering that it will be possible to program your own subconscious, being exclusively in the alpha rhythm. If you want to install any kind of “programmable dream” technique, then first of all you need to enter the alpha rhythm. To do this, you need to mentally say to yourself: “With the help of the technique of“ programmable dreams, ”I will be able to see everything that I wish.” After this, it is necessary to do this technique mentally from the beginning to the end, imagining how you will use it. And before leaving the alpha rhythm, you will need to remind yourself again that using this sleep management technique, you can see absolutely everything you want.

    In this way, if you wish, you can see the same dream several times and experience positive emotions every morning after you open your eyes. Remember that the main thing is to control your thoughts.

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