• How to sell a dress?

    There are dresses that are not worn more than once or twice. Such outfits are specially made for one evening, and then simply gather dust in the closet. If after the event for which they were sewn or just bought, dresses look great, you can try to sell them. Of course, you cannot return the full amount back, but in this case “at least something” will already mean that the goal has been achieved. For this you need to know how to sell a dress, where to advertise, what price to set. That's about it and talk.

    We make the text of the announcement

    The announcement of the sale of the dress should clearly give all the information about it. In a short sale message, it’s not necessary to describe the details that your prom dress is rich with. I will sell a dress for prom, size 42, long, blue, with overflow, with a corset, the price is 10 thousand rubles, that's all you need to write. You need to complete the announcement with the coordinates for which you need to contact in case of interest, this is a phone number, cellular or city, address, email address, Skype. If you are limited to the number of words, then one phone is enough.At the end of the announcement, you can make a small postscript, which will make your ad, which you can not refuse. This can be done if you have the opportunity to make the announcement longer. If you write that the dress was worn only once, not in this city, that it was sewn according to the patterns of the French fashion house, that it is in perfect condition, that it is 50% off, that a petticoat is offered as a gift to it much more attractive for the future mistress.

    Place an ad

    Now make a list where you can sell a dress. It is necessary to place an advertisement for the sale of several resources at once. If we are talking about a prom dress, then it is best to place it where your young ladies will see it for sure. This, of course, the Internet. This may be the announcement boards of your city. Recently, the sites of ads "Slando" and "Avito" have become very popular. The effectiveness of the ads on these sites is very high. It is best for such an announcement to make a beautiful photo and upload it to your ad. The second most effective resource is local newspapers, radio, TV.But, choosing them in search of where to sell the dress, you need to understand that these are the most expensive resources. Get ready to pay for such advertising. In this case, you will have to count the words and make the announcement as short as possible. If you think where you can sell a wedding dress, then you can take it to the salon where they sell dresses for brides. Of course, this store will offer you a lower price, but if you receive it right away, you will no longer be concerned when the dress is sold. Commission shops work on the same principle, you can take both wedding and prom dresses, as well as any thing that has become unnecessary, but it looks good.

    Evening Dress

    It is much more difficult to sell an evening dress, because it is not necessary to buy it, in contrast to the first two types of dresses considered by us. But keep in mind that there are women, and many of those who do not like to go to parties in the same dress. So they can offer yours. How to do it? Just as we have described. If in your city there are fashionable shops of dresses, then you can agree with the management and give the dress for sale.This is the same scheme as in the commission, only the dress will hang in a decent environment and will be watched by completely different clients.

    Paper ads

    This old-fashioned way involves printing a text about the sale on paper with tear-off leaves with phones below, and putting it up in crowded places. Only it is necessary to clearly define the places of sticking. If you decide where to sell a wedding dress, then think about where future brides often go? Well, of course, next to the registrar, as well as next to the wedding salon, as well as they, like all people, stand at stops, go to the markets. Therefore, it is best to glue on the doors and walls near these places. If you need to sell a prom dress, then glue along the girls' way to school. And if we are talking about an evening dress, then you can glue ads anywhere, there will be little confusion. Such purchases are very rare for ordinary women who pay attention to the ads on the wall.

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