• How to sell a picture?

    An artist is first of all a creative person who is able to create a masterpiece from empty canvas and paints. But because of his nature, he is often unable to sell a painting at a high price. These masterpieces can be free to diverge from friends, acquaintances and relatives. In addition, some artists sometimes want to sell their paintings faster in order to receive funds to continue the creative process.

    First of all, to sell the picture, you should be more pragmatic in your approach to business processes. This will not make a bad bargain and find a buyer as soon as possible. It is also necessary to study the creative way and biography of artists of the past in order to understand how to most effectively dispose of the existing canvases.

    If you are a collector or just a lover of art, then you will not be difficult to sell the masterpieces at your disposal. It is enough to study a little the market and the target audience, which may be interested in a particular canvas.

    How did the artists of the past sell their creations?

    Previously, quite often talented artists lived from hand to mouth, they had to move from water to bread and be content with little. Many of them became known only after his death, thanks to prudent dealers, driving prices of paintings to incredible heights. One of the most popular examples of such a tragic biography is Winset Van Gogh, who in his entire life was able to sell only one painting. After his death in the clinic for the mentally ill, prices for the artist's work instantly took off.

    Some of the old artists paid attention to their craving for art after a successful career, which allowed them to accumulate enough capital for creativity. In other cases, painters could be evaluated by contemporaries and arranged for them at court. Many rich people considered it their duty to make a portrait with a famous artist.

    How to sell a picture to a modern artist?

    Fortunately, in the modern world there are many ways to quickly find a buyer. For example, you can sell a picture through the Internet or use private exhibitions (of which there is a huge variety).

    First, you need to answer the two most important questions: to whom will you sell your work and what will be its value? It is worth noting that the ability to sell a painting worth 2000–3000 rubles for 20–30 thousand is also a kind of art.

    How to set the price?

    If the picture is written by a little-known artist, then you should not overstate her price. Such creativity is not yet properly evaluated, and the cost of a 200-300 thousand painting will simply scare off buyers. First of all, when setting the price for a picture, it is worth paying attention to its cost price and solvency of buyers. Selling canvas in the region with an average salary of 15,000 rubles, you can set the price in the range from 10 to 40 thousand, as this will allow you to find your target audience among a much larger number of buyers.

    Who and where to sell paintings?

    There are four main types of buyers who can purchase a picture:

    1. Investors who buy art for their collectibles or subsequent sale. By doing this, they are trying to increase their capital or to save available funds.You can sell the picture to such a person through personal acquaintance or through an art dealer.
    2. Pseudo-investors who buy paintings worth up to 30,000 rubles from little-known artists. They attend minor exhibitions, etc., to find such a buyer is not a problem.
    3. Wealthy people who want to decorate the interior of their homes. Sometimes they are ready to pay rather large sums (60–100 thousand rubles) for high-quality paintings. Such buyers can attend art salons or themed events.
    4. People who "fell in love" with a certain canvas. Their solvency may be completely different, but under certain conditions they will gladly acquire the picture. You can meet such customers at street shows or in regular outlets.

    How to sell a picture via the Internet?

    One of the easiest ways to sell paintings is to post them on online auctions, blogs, and on themed marketplaces. You can sell pictures on the Internet on such sites as, etc. In addition, their photos can be placed on your page or on a page of a certain community in social networks, which will significantly increase the speed and cost of selling canvases.

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