• How to send a friend?

    November 21, 2014
    How to send a friend?

    They say that in order to master spoken Russian, it is necessary to learn a “base” of more than ten thousand words! But sometimes they are not enough to send off the tiresome interlocutor, who behaves too persistently. Worst of all, if he turned out to be your long-time friend, and on the straight line, so to speak, he could be offended badly, but you feel sorry for losing him, you attached him, and so on and so forth. Accordingly, it is necessary to make all kinds of curtsy. We will try to tell you about how to send an old friend or friend so that he does not take offense - culturally and beautifully - in this article.

    Evasion of communication

    This method can be successfully used for our purposes. Especially if you make an appointment by phone. Find a reason to refuse culturally. They say that you have an important job interview, a meeting, a meeting in a restaurant with a new girl, with whom it is too early to introduce him. If a friend is going to come to you right now, say that you are not at home at the moment or you are about to leave on urgent business.Such a lie in the salvation of relationships can be applied in order not to offend a person. After all, an old friend or friend is like a family: you have to put up with all his oddities (even if he is a terrible bore, you probably don’t want to completely break off relations with him).

    Aesop language

    In no case do not send a person - a friend or friend - straightforward. How to send with almost no mat, read in our article How to send a mat.

    There is always a way - to express allegorically and even gently. Remember: the Russian language in this regard is great and powerful. The more creative in the message, the better, and your old friend, of course, will appreciate the joke. Here are just a few sample options.

    • You go to the farm, you catch butterflies.
    • Go to the "X", "Y" and the eleventh letter.
    • You go in a jar.
    • Get lost in horror!
    • Do not bother me nerves.

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