• How to set skin for opera

    Launch your browser, open its main menu and select “Appearance”. Instead of a menu item, you can use the SHIFT + F12 keyboard shortcut; in any case, a panel will open with settings for the appearance of the browser interface. There are four tabs in it, one of which is called “Theme of design” - it opens by default and is used to change skins.
    In the list of topics, click on any line and the browser immediately, without pressing any buttons, will change its appearance according to your choice. If the result of the conversion does not suit you, then select another line. This list contains design options that are stored directly on your computer.
    Check the “Find themes” box if you want to access the selection of themes in the public repository on the Opera server. As a result, the panel will load a list of descriptions of themes with preview images. Currently, more than five hundred browser designs are available in the public repository, so to facilitate searches, the panel contains four bookmarks - “Popular”, “New”, “Recommended”, “Best”.In addition, it is possible to read user feedback on a particular skin. Select what you like, click the Download button.
    Click the "Yes" button when the browser loads the selected option and asks a question about applying the new design style. This skin will be added to the list of installed ones, and you will not need to re-search and download it from the public repository afterwards. If for some reason you need to remove any of the downloaded skins, select it in the "Installed themes" list and click the "Remove" button.
    Click the “OK” button to close the Opera appearance control panel.

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