• How to sew a bow?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    April 5, 2013
    How to sew a bow?

    The sewn bow can add elegance to even the most ordinary curtain or tablecloth. A small bow will decorate a blouse favorably, and if you attach an invisibility to it, you will get an original hair clip. You can think of many options, the main thing is to know how to sew a bow, and there will be a use for it.

    Find the fabric and toolkit

    In order to sew a bow you will need to stock up on the following materials and tools:

    • piece of cloth
    • nylon mesh
    • sewing machine
    • ruler
    • needle
    • a piece of chalk
    • scissors
    • thread the color of the fabric

    Cut the bow

    Before you sew a bow or large bow, you should calculate its size. It will be necessary to carve out 2 identical wide rectangles, 2 strips longer and narrower for the ends and a square for the knot 2 times smaller than the width of the rectangles. Also, do not forget about 1 cm for allowances. All the details, it is better to draw on paper using a ruler, and then cut them in chalk on the fabric and cut.

    Sew bow

    First you should tack the mesh to the wrong side of the material close to the edges,and then fold the material across the face, stitching long cuts and leaving an open area of ​​about 10 cm for the "lightning" in the middle. Next, you need to lay the seam in the middle and undo the allowances. After that, we grind off short cuts, cut corners, turn out the bow to the front side through the unstitched seam and press it down. And then we sew an open area with a secret stitch. It is worth noting that we sew a bow so that all seams are neat, otherwise it will look untidy.

    Then we put 2 rectangles on the nylon mesh and we gut it. Then we fold the parts to the front and stitch long sections, leaving a hole in the center on one of them. Next, we sew short cuts and turn out the bow on the front side and sew up the hole with a secret seam.

    Now proceed to the ends, you need to stitch a long cut, folding one strip of its face to the inside. You also need to do with the second end of the bow.

    The square for the knot, you need to fold it in half face down and sew a long cut and iron out. Then we bow the bow and stitch it 2 times in the middle across.

    After that we wrap the middle of the gathered bow with a strip, which we made for the knot. Next, on the back side of the bow, we twist the knot sections and sew them with an “over the edge” seam.The ends of the bow need to be folded in half lengthwise and swept open cuts, after which they need to be scraped and sew all the details to the back of the bow. That's all bow ready. Now you know how to sew a big bow and you can decorate your outfit or interior.

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