• How to sew a hat made of fur?

    In our Russian winters nowhere without a warm fur hat. In stores, of course, today you can buy everything your heart desires. But still, those who know the joy of making something with their own hands, we will tell you today how to sew a fur cap on your own. Such a hat can be useful to you not only for wearing during the cold season, but also for a carnival or a friendly meeting with friends at a picnic, but why else. For the base, of course, you can also take natural rabbit fur, or trimming an old fur coat, but if your sewing skills are still at the beginner level, then we advise you to try to sew a hat made of artificial fur.

    Sewing materials

    1. Fur with a long nap.
    2. Lining fabric, interlining.
    3. Scissors, thread, needle, thimble.

    I would like to add some more tips on working with faux fur. We recommend to beginner dressmakers to sew a hat made of faux fur. How to work with these materials:

    • All seams from the inside should be swept away or pinned up with pins so that the fur does not slide and does not move.
    • The seams do not need to iron, just enough to straighten them with the blunt side of the scissors.
    • From the front side of the villus product, you need to carefully pull the needle out of the seams.

    How to sew: hat "Papa"

    1. First, we transfer the pattern to the seamy side of the fur, not forgetting the seam allowances.
    2. Then we sew darts, straighten the seams from the inside of the future cap.
    3. Next you need to sew all the details of the caps. Be careful, it is important that the seams do not stretch and do not wrinkle, so that the hat keeps its shape and looks even.
    4. Separately sew the lining of non-woven fabric. When the lining is ready, sew it from the inside of the cap with a stitch “goat”. In this case, the lining should be slightly smaller than the cap, so that it does not peek out from under it. We do not glue flizelin to the cap. If you want to give the cap a more solid form, you can take two layers of non-woven fabric and glue them together.
    5. To make your hat beautiful, both from the outside and inside, you can sew a beautiful satin lining. We sew it according to the same pattern as the cap, sew it from the inside.
    6. The allowance at the bottom of your hat should be folded and tacked to the non-woven fabric on the wrong side, but this should be done so as not to seize the fur flecks when sewing.
    7. Measure your new hat.If the pile is too long and hangs right on your face, you can neatly “profile” it with a sharp blade, that is, cut off the length of the fibers, but not exactly, but leaving them slightly different in length. It looks more natural.

    As you can see, to sew a hat made of faux fur is not so difficult. For the first time having tried your hand at non-natural fur, and having received a positive result, you can easily tailor and sew yourself the same or a completely different hat from pieces of natural fur.

    What if it turns out that you have a talent? And your hat will conquer others so much that you will have other customers? But it’s okay, you shouldn’t look that far, but it’s better to pick up the fur and scissors and try to create something with your own hands, especially since now you know how to sew a fur hat.

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