• How to sew a scarf?

    With the onset of spring, any woman wants to add something original to her wardrobe. The quickest solution may be to buy, and the best - the independent manufacture of a scarf. It is a scarf that will be a memorable detail of the outfit, and if, moreover, it will be made with your own hands, then you certainly cannot find a similar one. This article will tell you how to sew a scarf, and it is simple and original.

    The choice of fabric

    For the manufacture of a scarf can fit any fabric, it all depends on what kind of weather it is needed. Cool weather requires thick and warm fabrics, and hot weather is light and soft. In color, shape, size, scarves can be very different, you need to proceed only from your own preferences. Today, there are options for sewing a scarf, not only from a new, purchased fabric, but also from the material that is at hand. This may be an old knit shirt or a worn sweater. Do not neglect anything, the old thing will only give originality to your product and tell you how to sew a scarf.

    Sling Scarf

    • The size. The universal size of such a scarf is 5 meters by 70 cm.It may suit any woman, including those who have a clothing size of 50. But those who have a larger size need just half a meter of fabric.
    • The cloth. Since this model of a scarf should suit both moms and babies lying in a sling in a sock, it is necessary to carefully select the fabric. It should be thick and soft at the same time so that wearing a scarf gives comfort to everyone. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that more elastic fabrics are suitable for carrying small children, newborns, and for larger children it is necessary to select a fabric that is thicker and less stretching. At the same time, any fabric must be durable in order to fix well the knot that binds the ends of the scarf. It is also necessary to take into account when buying fabric that after the first wash it may decrease in size, which means it is necessary to make an amendment to this and take a piece more.
    • Preparation method. The first thing to start with is the treatment of scarf edges. Even if the fabric does not peel off, the hemmed edge will still look better, and even with use it will be possible to touch the outside and the inside. Further, how to sew a sling scarf depends on whether it is knitted or solid.It is advisable to make it from a single piece of material, since the seam can rub both the child and the mother. The shape of the scarf may vary, but at the base is always a rectangle. The difference is which end of the scarf seems more interesting - beveled, rounded or straight. A separate advantage with a sling with narrowed ends, because it will be more convenient to tie it, despite the density of the fabric.


    Recently this type of scarf is very popular. For the most part, the fact that in use it does not require originality, but wins due to the fact that it looks very interesting. How to sew a scarf clamp depends on your desire and available tools.

    • The first method is from old knit t-shirts. The more there will be, the longer the scarf will turn out. You can take the same color T-shirts, and you can take multicolored. Cut the top part, leave what is below the sleeves. All the resulting "pipe" cut to get the rectangles, and sew together. One large ring folded in half and flash.
    • The second way is from a worn sweater. The bigger it is, the longer the scarf will turn out. Cut also the upper part, then process the edges of the resulting ring. Combining the top and them, we get a warm and beautiful scarf.
    • The third way is from a triangular piece of material.It should be the same length as the finished scarf, and the width - for a scarf of 50 cm, we must take 1 m of fabric. Fold in half face up and sew along the edge. You need to remember to leave a hole to turn the product out. After that, the scarf will be ready.

    Now you know how to sew a scarf yourself. We wish you good luck!

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