• How to shoot well?

    There is such a category of people who want to learn how to shoot. One is necessary for hunting, others are just interested in the process itself. Shooting for some people is a kind of game in which you can learn dexterity and accuracy. Naturally, many are wondering about how to learn to shoot well? Good question. For this you need to train a lot. The first skills can be acquired in the dash, and it is quite possible you will achieve good results. Here are a few recommendations that are desirable to follow.

    Honing skills

    • Classes with a trainer. It is necessary to start learning to shoot with a competent trainer, because real shooting is significantly different from the one we see on the silver screen. Classes will be held by a special method and schedule of control, which will make the coach, if necessary, he will correct errors. The coach will also play the role of a psychologist, since it is necessary to teach the student not to be afraid of the pointed weapon.
    • In order to know how best to shoot, you need to clearly understand that the basis of the basics in shooting is working off the grip.When the student picks up the weapon, he must clearly understand that you should not press the handle. If you hold the handle tightly, the fist-clenched hand will tremble violently, and therefore the pistol will begin to tremble in your hand. The books describe the grip, but everyone must develop their own individual grip that fits any gun. Hold the gun to the middle finger and the first joint of the thumb. The thumb is not bent; it must guide the gun. The index finger should lie on the trigger, it should not touch the handle. The little finger and ring finger in the holding of weapons do not participate. During training to hold the gun, you need to straighten them and take away from the handle. Thus, you get the right grip gun.

    Pistol Shooting: Types of Manufacture

    • In line. The feet are placed at a distance of a step, the toes are turned approximately 60 degrees, the body parallel to the line of fire.
    • In half turn. The arm with the weapon is extended towards the target, the toe of the right leg and the extended arm are parallel, the body is slightly turned towards the target.
    • Open rack. The feet are placed at a distance of a step, the chest is perpendicular to the target.

    Manufacturing must be maintained until the cessation of shooting, then the shooting will be correct. The shooter must develop the main skill - the correct aiming. For this you can use the sighting device, which consists of a pillar and front sight. From each other, they should be at a distance of no more than 20 centimeters. By adhering to such recommendations, you will know how to shoot well.

    Hunting shooting

    In order to learn how to shoot well in a hunt, you need to improve your style and practice your shooting technique.

    • It is necessary to work out the accuracy of shooting. It is necessary to begin training with physical exercises that develop strength and firmness of hands.
    • First you need to work out the ability to shoot at fixed targets. The gun is pressed tightly against the shoulder to reduce recoil, as well as due to this exact subsequent shots are made.
    • Acquired skills should always be with you. Exercises on the correct vskidke gun can be done at home: the butt is pressed against the shoulder, cheek to the butt.
    • Accuracy can be worked on fast flying targets. Experience will come with time.
    • Experienced hunters do not close their eyes, but they squint it. They believe that this increases the accuracy of shooting and maintains a more accurate eye.
    • During the shot, the barrel should continue its movement. Many young hunters stop guns, which is the most common mistake.
    • It is recommended to remember all the factors that were used with a successful shot.

    Now you know all the rules of how to learn to shoot well. This will help you hone your skills and achieve the desired results in this type of hobby. We wish you good luck!

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