• How to start a story?

    If you are a master of telling interesting incidents and various stories, then you may want to think about writing a story. Most new authors begin their literary career with this genre of works. This does not mean that absolutely all, without exception, achieve some success in this matter. Some stop their literary work, barely starting, most likely because they do not know all the rules for writing an interesting story. So let's try to figure out how to start a story that is popular with readers.

    The works of an inexperienced writer are often damp and incomplete in terms of the style and content of the story. However, such errors can be eliminated or corrected if you own some secrets.

    The choice of audience for the story

    How to start writing a story? You must first determine the possible audience of readers. That is, you need to decide for whom you will write, who will be interested in your creation. However, you should not strive to please everyone, because it is, unfortunately, impossible.You need to try to find your reader.

    Choosing the theme of the story

    Next you need to select a topic. It is not worthwhile to invent the bicycle, but it makes no sense to wait for a brilliant topic, as it will take many hours, or maybe days. It is possible that while you are busy choosing, some other author will write a story on the topic that you think about. Do not lose precious minutes, start writing about what interests you.

    The main secrets of writing a story

    Before you begin a story, once and for all, remember the main rule: you need to arouse interest in the reader. To achieve this, it is necessary to take into account when writing a work three points:

    • Intrigue
    • Style
    • Understatement

    With all these elements in sufficient quantity, the story will be popular.


    A story cannot be called a story if it lacks a plot. Your main task is to make the reader interested in the work, involving, for example, a gradually revealing intrigue. If the reader is bored when reading, then it is likely that he will not reach the end of the work.Still, you should not abandon the description of the world or the thoughts of the hero, but you should not abuse them either


    Sometimes there are authors who spoil the brilliant plot poor-quality presentation. Practically no one reads such creations, and if they do, they absolutely do not understand what is written in it and put the story in the back drawer. Therefore, be sure to follow the style of presentation, it should be clear to the reader.


    One of the most difficult rules when writing a story is obedience of reticence. A correctly written work makes the reader reflect on the possible life course of the characters, even after the work has been read. However, there are no specific rules, and therefore the author himself must achieve the desired effect.

    The above rules work for all types of works. Want to write a porn story? The beginning of such a story is usually no different from the classic. Therefore, our article will help you in this case!

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