• How to store dahlias?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    November 4, 2014
    How to store dahlias?

    Dahlias - wonderful flowers, a real decoration of flowerbeds in the garden. But with the arrival of cold weather, it is necessary to dig up their tubers, otherwise they will rot over the winter, and you will not be able to plant them again.

    Cleaning and preparation of tubers

    It is best to start digging up the dahlia tubers before the first frost. First of all, cut off the stems of the plants, leaving only 10 cm of them. Then carefully dig up the tubers, making sure that during such work their roots and surface are not damaged. After that, clean the tubers with your hands from the ground and leave for 30 minutes in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then dry them for several days. Then shift the tubers to a cool place for 5-6 days.

    Dahlia tuber storage

    To store dahlias in winter is best in a dark and cool room, which is well ventilated, and the air temperature in it is at around 5 degrees. Pre-tubers must be decomposed into small boxes. Put them only in one layer, and from above fill up with coniferous sawdust.

    You can also store dahlia tubers in parchment bags, which are filled with special mixtures for storage and sold in flower shops. But make sure that they are well tied.

    Another option for storing dahlias involves the use of cling film. In it, wrap each tuber, and then put it in one row in boxes. If you have a wooden container, then you should store dahlias in it as follows: cover the boxes with paper, put a thick layer of dry soil on top, and put the tubers on it, then sprinkle them with a little soil. Then the box should be covered with paper sheets and left in a cool room.

    Dahlia Seed Storage

    If you managed to collect dahlia seeds, it is important to ensure their proper storage, because they can deteriorate over the winter. First you need to dry them. Leave the seeds in the open air for 1-2 weeks, then watch out so that they do not get liquid - if it starts to rain, be sure to bring them into the room. After that, put them in a linen bag and store in a dry and dark place with low humidity at a temperature of +6 degrees.

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