• How to stuff a chicken?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    December 25, 2012
    How to stuff a chicken?

    Stuffed chicken is a very tasty dish. And to prepare it, by the way, is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. There are a lot of recipes today. We give one of the most delicious, in our humble opinion.

    How to cook stuffed chicken

    In order to cook stuffed chicken, you will need the following ingredients:

    • A hen. Weighing no more than two kilograms.
    • Four tablespoons of butter.
    • A couple of bulbs.
    • Two tablespoons of flour.
    • One glass of sour cream.
    • Three hundred grams of fresh mushrooms (suitable for boletus mushrooms, ceps or aspen mushrooms).
    • Greens, salt, pepper to taste.
    • Lemon zest.
    • Fat for roasting chicken.

    To begin with, boil the mushrooms and dry them a little. Boil should be in lightly salted water. Then, cut them into strips and mix with chopped onions and greens, as well as with butter mashed into foam. Chicken should be thoroughly washed and put previously prepared mushroom mixture into the abdominal cavity. Stomach chicken sew.

    The stuffed chicken, therefore, should be sent to the frying pan and fry on all sides until golden brown. After that, put it in a deep saucepan and add mushroom broth. Cover the pan with a lid and put on a slow fire. After three quarters of an hour, we take out the chicken, empty it from threads and cut it into portions along with mushroom stuffing.

    Cooking sauce

    When stewing chicken, you should form a juice. Pour a little bit of hot water into it, then strain and thicken using flour, which should be diluted in advance in a small amount of cold water. You should give this sauce to boil, and then, season with salt, pepper and lemon zest. After five minutes, remove it from the heat and fill with fresh sour cream. This sauce should pour each of the portions of chicken.

    Now, and you know how to stuff a chicken. Delight your friends and loved ones with this wonderful dish. They will love it.

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