• How to call Slenderman?

    Slenderman (Thin Man) is a character invented by one of the visitors of the Something Awful forum, who later became very fond of Internet users. Due to its popularity, he became the hero of many fantastic stories and a party to popular games for smartphones and PCs.

    If you believe the theory, then the idea created by a large community, fueled by the energetics of people who believe in it, at some point goes beyond the edges of a fictional image and becomes real. This, according to Slenderman fans, happened to their pet. So, there were ways to call Thin Man.

    How to call Slenderman: instructions


    Before calling Slenderman, you need to prepare everything you need for this:

    • playing cards;
    • black pencil or marker pen;
    • glue;
    • A4 paper;
    • Scotch;
    • a lantern (if you decide to perform the ritual at night).

    You will also need a working elevator, in which the ritual will be held. And for the event it is better to choose the time after midnight, because, as you know, this is the ideal period of the day to communicate with evil spirits.

    Calling process

    1. Take the elevator and climb it to the top floor of the house (but not on the roof!).
    2. Turn on the flashlight.
    3. Take four sheets of paper and black pencil draw one picture on each: the person, yourself, tree, house, number of floors, which should correspond to the number of floors in the house where you perform the ritual.
    4. Take the fifth sheet and stick an Ace or Jack of Spades on it (these cards symbolize the Thin Man himself). Some people say that this label is not obligatory, but it will not be worse from it, and therefore, just in case, it is better to do so the probability of the appearance of Slendy will be higher.
    5. It is very important to do it all on the spot, and not to prepare in advance - in the process, you will contribute to the accumulation of energy flows, which will help to meet the cherished hero.
    6. Now begin to descend the stairs, using adhesive tape, sticking one sheet with a picture on each floor. First, attach a sheet with a painted tree, then - with the face, then - with the map, then - with a self-portrait, and finally with the house.
    7. Climb back and wait half an hour. After that, begin to descend again, analyzing the changes in the drawings left by none other than Thin man, of course.

    Experienced people tell the following:

    • The fact that he draws on a sheet with a tree will mean his plans for you. Usually he draws a gallows with a little man dangling in a loop.
    • From the face drawn on the next sheet, the eyes, mouth and nose should disappear, because Slenderman himself has no similar features.
    • If the card on the next sheet replaces the other one, then Slendy is located to communicate.
    • On the sheet with the house of the cross, he will mark the meeting place opposite the corresponding floor. As for the self-portrait, sometimes a thin person can take it as a souvenir, and sometimes leave it.

    What to do next?

    Alternatively, you can take the elevator to the meeting place with Slendi and try to communicate with the hero.

    If you are very scared, then you can always abandon the idea of ​​meeting with your pet and run away, because it is not known what such communication can end with. According to legend, this magic character steals children, taking them to the place from which they no longer return.

    Those who claim to have seen the hero and talked to him usually describe the meeting rather vaguely. And because they can not give effective advice on how to escape from trying to harm you evil.

    What else do you need to know?

    Slenderman does not always consider it necessary to show his victim. And although it is believed that children see him without any adaptations, you can still resort to the method used by adults to determine that a Thin person is nearby.

    To do this, after half an hour of waiting, turn on the camera, player or, for example, music on the phone. Approaching a magical character will cause interference in the device: a ripple will appear in the picture, the audio stream will become interrupted or wheezing will appear in it. If this happened - you should have called the one you wanted, and now is the time to run without thinking, until he took you with him.

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