• How to swear?

    Mat appeared in Russia after the Tatar-Mongol invasion. Before him, the Slavs swore only the names of animals: a ram, a goat, a cow. And after the 15th century, the mat firmly sat down in the minds of the Russian people. Mostly peasants and workers used foul language, but matine expressions liked to push Pushkin with Gogol and Lenin and Stalin into conversation.

    In modern Russia, the mat has spread even more. Sometimes it even sounds from television screens and theaters. But still many people are interested in the question of how to swear.

    If you want to swear, do it beautifully. No need to swear through the word - it complicates the perception of speech and causes irritation. Mathematical expression is appropriate to insert into the conversation to describe vivid emotions or experiences. The mat can be used instead of interjections and exclamations, at the beginning or at the end of a sentence. Do not combine several words into one phrase at once, it is better to use them separately and to the place. Your speech should not be full of foul language. Remember: the less you say these words, the more power they have and the brighter they sound.

    How to unlearn swear

    If you are accustomed to swear often, and can no longer control the flow of dirty words, it will not be easy to stop swearing. Try the following tips:

    • Replace ugly expressions with beautiful, humorous or outdated curses, such as: a thousand devils, thunder, thunder, kanalya, serf. Surrounding smile and appreciate your individuality.
    • Try to pour out emotions not with words, but with gestures or actions. Be natural: stomp your foot, shake your fist. Just do not scare anyone with your activity.
    • Watch your speech. After each pronounced mate add: "Well, here I am again frown." Do this every time you notice a mate in your speech. Very soon you will get tired of repeating the same thing, and you will no longer need to look for answers to the question of how to stop swearing.
    • Read classic literature. Perhaps you will draw from it strong expressions that can be replaced with a mate, and learn how to better express your thoughts using all the possibilities of our rich language.

    How to wean swear

    It is very difficult to disaccustom a person with foul language until he wants it. After all, this is a kind of addiction and a strong habit. However, you can try the following methods:

    • Mimic a person by responding to his mate with his curses, but comic. After each of his dull phrases, swear back, replacing some dull words with funny ones. For example, you can leave a dull verb or adjective, and replace the noun with the word "radish" or "cheburashka". Play with words, tease a person. Perhaps gradually he realizes how absurdly his mate sounds.
    • When a person asks you some important question for him or wants to get some information, answer him, inserting a swear word every two normal, even if you yourself are not used to swearing. The person will be annoyed, because the mat makes it difficult for him to understand your speech. Over time, he will understand how the mat interferes with communication.
    • Try to exclude from his life matte songs, television and action films, as far as possible. If a person is cursing because he is very nervous, try to support him and calm him down, watch beautiful kind films together and take a walk in nature.

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