• How to take a screenshot on HTC?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    February 28, 2013
    How to take a screenshot on HTC?

    If you have a question about how to take a screenshot on HTC, then you are far from the first person he is interested in. The question is really quite often asked by HTC users.

    The easiest, you can say the standard way to make a screenshot of the HTC screen, is to simultaneously press two keys — the Power key and the Home key. After that, most likely, you will be able to hear a distinctive sound, similar to the sound of photographing. Your screenshot will be saved in the gallery.

    If you have any problems with the first item, and you do not have root rights, do not despair, you can use the application to create screenshots. For example, Screenshot UX. After entering this application, click Start Capture, and you will see the camera icon in the upper corner. Click on it - the screenshot is ready! The file will be saved in the camera folder. The only problem is that the program is paid and costs about 120 rubles.

    Finally, if you are a happy root user, you can safely download yourself a free app from Android Market, there are plenty of them!

    Now you know how to take a screenshot of the HTC screen.

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