• How to take pergu?

    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    Ksenia Vilinskaya
    October 15, 2014
    How to take pergu?

    Perga is a natural product by nature. The beekeeper is harvested for the winter. The beneficial properties of bee bread are due to the content of many nutrients. It is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of varying severity. Acceptance of perga is beneficial for children, pregnant women.

    How to take perga with different diseases

    1. Perga successfully treats hypertension and hypotension, in the first case taking half a teaspoon on an empty stomach for a month, and the second after eating a meal. In case of atherosclerosis, pargu should be taken before meals - in the same way.
    2. Treat with the help of perga heart disease, rhythm disturbances. It is necessary to take a month solution of pollen. The dosage will be half a teaspoon per quarter cup of boiled water at room temperature.
    3. Perga with honey is a remedy for neurosis. A teaspoon three times a day is taken with honey on an empty stomach. Honey is also taken 1 tsp. Reception course is 3 weeks.
    4. Diseases of the bronchi, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract are treated with the same mixture (honey with honey), taking a dessert spoonful before meals three times a day.
    5. Bee perga successfully treats fibroids, mastopathy, various kinds of male genital diseases. It is absorbed before meals - one third of a teaspoon twice a day. Recommended course - 3 months.
    6. In case of diabetes mellitus, perga is consumed by 2 teaspoons after a meal, without drinking water. Children reduce the dosage to 0.5-1 tsp.

    For prophylaxis, it is helpful to take 10 g of pollen per day after meals.

    For hair and skin

    Masks with perga apply a couple of times a week - adding half a teaspoon. Such products smooth the skin, nourish it, refresh, soften and tone up. Hair rinsed with water with a dissolved tablespoon of powder of pollen. After that, they become healthier.

    Remember - do not ingest more than 30 g of prigi per day.

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