• How to tame a wolf?

    From time to time we are shown films and series with the participation of domesticated wolves. In films, wolves behave calmly, everyone understands and is smart. But in real life there are cases when people tamed wolves, and they became for a man even more loyal friend than a dog. What is this - true truth or fiction and exaggeration?

    Is it worth taming a wolf

    If you are interested in how to tame a wolf, then you should know that the wolf is a wild animal, whose ancestors from time immemorial lived in the forest and ate meat. Where is the guarantee that the "pet" does not want to suddenly, out of the blue, bite off the hand of its owner? And what to feed the wolf? After all, he will not eat dog food, he needs meat, and his wolf can eat up to 10 kg!

    Do not forget that the wolf is a very intelligent and wise animal. And he will only “communicate” with the same person. Weak-minded, insecure people can pay with their own lives for trying to domesticate a wolf!

    Taming wolves

    But, nevertheless, let's consider how to tame a wolf. It should be remembered that you will never be able to domesticate an adult wolf! Volkov tame at a very young age. To train like a dog, it is impossible. After all, by nature, a wolf is not a pet, and it should be treated accordingly. Before you start raising a wolf cub, you should study a huge amount of special literature. Therefore, in order to be in good relations with your “pet”, you need to understand the wolf and its psychology.

    In any case, having matured, the wolf can begin to behave aggressively, can rush on people. He does not want to sit at home in anticipation of his master. Many people have problems in dog training, and mistakes in raising a wolf can be very expensive!

    At home, it is not advisable to contain a wolf. But then, let's see where the wolf can be tamed. This is best done in the camp, which is located in the middle of the area to which the wolf is used. Having matured a little, he will leave the camp, and return back. He will do it on his own, as the wolf is a wild animal, which is accustomed to freedom, and who cannot always sit in one place due to someone's whim! Young cubs can even play with themselves, but this should be done very carefully.As he grows up, no matter what, the wolf gradually returns to his wild lifestyle.

    Will the wolf become home

    Do you think it is possible to tame a wolf so much so that he becomes a true pet? - No, this will not work. Having crossed a two-year age, a domesticated wolf will begin to resemble a wild one by its behavior. In such cases, many who tried to tame the wolf could not stand it and turned it over to the kennel or put it to sleep.

    There is information that wolves do not always show in films! They are shown occasionally close-ups in order to make it clear to the viewer that this is a wolf. And the wolf, who somewhere in the distance performs dizzying stunts, is not a wolf at all, but a trained dog!

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