• How to tame pigeons?

    To tame pigeons humanity began in ancient times. The exact time can not be determined, but according to archaeological data, this bird was known in Egypt about 5000 years ago. In those days, she was used as a postman, sacrificed for religious purposes, and meat was often eaten.

    Bred these birds for aesthetic pleasure. In the surviving writings of the Roman writer M. Varro (I century BC) it is said that in ancient Rome there were pigeon houses in which there were about five thousand individuals.

    Since then, doves have brought out more than 800 breeds, differing in suit, shape and size of the body, flying abilities. In turn, all birds of this genus are divided into three groups: decorative, sports and meat. About 200 species of pigeons are bred on the territory of our country.

    Choosing a young female

    Wild birds, in contrast to domestic animals, behave more cautiously and do not like to be in human society. However, it is not difficult to tame them, the main thing is to have patience, because this process can last for several months. And our advice will help you in this difficult matter.

    It is best to learn the hands of females and it is desirable that they be young individuals. How to distinguish the female from the male? Most often, female birds are smaller, but this feature is not inherent in all breeds.

    At the male the head is bigger and rougher, and the beak is thicker and dumber. In addition, the floor is determined by the distance between the pelvic bones. In males, they are located close to each other and are almost immobile, while in females the pubic bones are somewhat apart. But in order to determine this, the bird must be taken in hand.

    Also the sex of birds is determined by behavior. Males behave more aggressively, often arrange fights.

    Only pigeon breeders can distinguish young individuals from older ones. In mature birds, ocular rings coarsening occurs, and pigmentation on the legs is weakened.

    But do not be discouraged if you cannot determine a younger dove from the flock. In time, you will still manage to win over several of these birds.

    Same time

    So how can you tame pigeons? Lure the birds need only feed. Feeding needs to be done every day. Pigeons feed twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon.Therefore, select certain hours and try to feed them at the same time in a convenient place.

    First you need to watch the pigeons from afar. After a few weeks, when the birds get used to the trough, you can come closer to them. Do not be alarmed if the first time most of the birds when you appear will fly away. Each time they will become bolder, no longer afraid of you.

    Feed above all

    Doves have such a feature - at first they eat larger pieces. Therefore, if they pour wheat and wheat groats, they first grab the grain, and then proceed to the millet.

    In nature, pigeons consume exclusively berries, various seeds and fruits of fruit trees. However, these birds are quite unpretentious in the choice of food and easily adapt to the change of diet.

    They will be happy to peck grains of wheat, barley, corn or oats. They can also be given millet and bread crumbs. Determine that more like eating tame birds, for example, sunflower seeds. And in the future, pour in plenty of any grain, and try to give seeds only with the hand and in a small amount.

    Thus it is desirable to publish any sound, for example, whistling (so the conditioned reflex is developed). For these purposes, you can buy a whistle. About a month later, as soon as the pigeon hears a familiar sound, they will come to you and will not be afraid anymore. In the future, they will wait for you, and rejoice at your arrival.

    And one day, the birds will grow bold, and they will peck off food from their hands, not fearing for their lives.


    It turns out that pigeons are very well trained and give in to training. However, not all individuals are capable of it. Only 3-4 birds out of ten will be able to easily learn to flip from hand to hand or walk on a rolling ball. A capable dove enough to show a couple of times how to do this or that method, he will remember everything and easily repeat.

    Of course, training also happens only with the help of food: did what was necessary - get a treat. So, after you win over the pigeons, you can choose among them the most capable and learn some tricks with them. Then with such a bird, you can even make speeches for your relatives.

    It will take a lot of patience and time to tame wild pigeons.However, over time, you will win the love of these birds and will be able not only to feed them from your hand, but also to stroke and cuddle to yourself.

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