• How to teach a child to keep order

    Very often, children take the initiative and try to help their mother to clean the house: sweeping the floors, laying out kitchen appliances in different cabinets. Usually from this "order" it only gets worse. But you can not shout at children and say that you do not need to do anything. From this, the kid will lose the desire to help. On the contrary, you need to praise the child, say what a good fellow he is, what kind of a helper he will be for mom.

    The child needs to be shown and told how to put things in order. The order should be not only in the nursery, but in the whole house. The child must see that everything around him is clean and tidy, all things are laid out in their places. Together with the child, you can sort all the toys in the cabinets and shelves. For example, put all the cars in one box, let it be their garage; All animal figures put on a separate shelf, which will become a zoo.

    It is not necessary to do so that there is a surplus of toys, the child will disperse attention, it is difficult for him to concentrate on one game and keep order. A good method is to hide some of the toys, and then get them.After a while, for example, in a month, it is worth getting the toys out of a secluded place and hiding another batch. If the child is small, then he quickly forgets about his toys, and the newly appeared typewriters or dolls seem new to him.

    Be sure to help the child in cleaning, no need to leave him alone and make him clean up his room. It is desirable to provide all possible assistance, but not to do everything for him. Things on the shelves and boxes should be available for the baby, so that he learns to take them, and then put back on their own.

    Introduction to order is a long process, up to several months, and in some cases even years. But if the goal is properly achieved, the child will learn not only to clean up after himself, but also to maintain order without help. You can not leave the job started halfway. Be prepared for the fact that the first time in the apartment will be a complete mess, but over time everything will be formed and the child will learn to get along easily with his toys, he will clearly know where everything lies and where it needs to be removed.

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