• How to teach a kid to walk on a pot?

    When a small miracle appeared in your family, young parents are primarily concerned with how to feed the baby in time and change diapers so that he is comfortable.

    But, over time, each mother begins to think that the child is already time to accustom to the "adult" trips to the toilet, namely, coped with the needs of the children's pot.

    Naturally, the child, like everything in his life, studies with the help of his parents, and the ability to use a pot is no exception. It is not easy to teach your child how to properly cope, of course, but if you have patience, affection and faith, everything will turn out pretty quickly and simply, the main thing is to find the right moment.

    Remember that your child is no more stupid than the rest, but the physiology of all is different, and in fact, in many ways, it is she, in the literal sense, affects the ability of your child to relieve the need in the right place.

    We live in the 21st century, the time of computer technology and constant novelties, it's also easier to take care of children, because there was such a miracle invention as a diaper!

    There are no more grueling gauze diapers that need to be constantly replenished, washed and ironed, it is enough to change the diapers and throw out the old one, and your baby feels cozy and comfortable again! Happiness, and more!

    Parents will need patience

    There is an opinion that “pampers” kids are much harder and reluctant to get used to the pot, they say, they just don’t need it, because everything is so dry and comfortable. This is partly true, but only partly!

    Such children can show a desire and interest to the pot a little later, although, again, it all depends on the particular personality and patience of the parents. But, whatever one may say, time is ticking and we are increasingly blowing out, how to teach a child to go to the potty? Is it time or can you wait? As we have said, all children are individual, so each of them will have a different process.

    First steps

    Surely, you are tormented by the question, where to begin in such a difficult matter? First of all, buy a pot. Make sure that it is bright and colorful, because children, like adults, have their own addictions, and if they do not like the pot, the kid will simply refuse to go for it.

    The main thing is that the kid likes the pot

    Choose a convenient model, you can even provide it with a special seat cushion so that the baby's bottom does not fall into the pot.The experience of many moms says that children really like these special seats, because they feel like “adults”.

    Then just put the pot in the room where the kid lives most, let him familiarize himself with it, maybe even sit if he wants. The main thing is to immediately explain what it is for and what “adult children” are doing to it.

    At what age to teach the baby to the pot?

    It is very difficult to determine exactly the moment when the baby is really ready, both morally and physically. Experts say that children begin to feel the fullness of the rectum, approximately from the second year of life, and even may try to control it.

    But when urinating things are more difficult: only from 1.5-2 years old, most children can try to keep a fairly large amount of fluid in the bladder.

    Usually this period is accompanied by the fact that the diaper can remain dry for 2-3 hours, which indicates the readiness of the child to learn to go to the pot.

    The main thing is not to scream at the child

    In girls, the process of physical maturation, when the urinary and digestive systems are able to function correctly, usually goes faster, while the boys are somewhat lagging behind.

    In general, you can begin to teach the pot when the child is already sitting confidently and steadily, it usually happens at the age of 1 year or by the age of 1.5 years. Then you can often leave your baby without a diaper, and if possible, and without panties, and at intervals of 2 hours, plant him on the pot, which should be always near.

    Here the main thing is not to overdo it, if the child is not ready for this action morally, then permanent sitting can finally push him away from the learning process. If you see that the baby is always naughty, do not scold him, but simply leave this venture for 1-2 months, give your child a "ripen".

    Methods and tips: how to teach a child to the pot?

    First of all, be patient. In the period when the child will master the pot, it can sometimes happen trouble in the form of puddles on the floor, on the armchairs and the couch or around the pot.

    Do not scold and do not beat the kid for such blunders, you can deliberately get upset, show the child that he upset you and explain that "you need to write in the pot."

    Since the age of 2 years, this method helps quite often, because by this time, the child already understands how much he loves his mother and does not want to upset her.

    So when the kid has made the right place, be sure to praise him, hug him and stroke him on the head, let him feel your gratitude and happiness, because then the next time he again wants to "please" his mother.

    Over time, you will succeed

    In order to avoid damage to furniture and carpets, while the child is learning, remove the carpets and paths, lay the furniture with oilcloth or towels in several layers.

    The best time when you can begin to teach your child, this summer, you can let the kid run around in panties or not at all. Try to work out a certain scheme when you sit your baby on a pot, for example, after eating, before going to bed, a couple of hours after active play, and so on.

    If you go to the street, then someday you will also have to take a chance and go there without pampers. Constantly explain to him that when he wants to write or more serious, let him ask you to help him.

    In this period, always take with you spare panties, panties and socks, because, most likely, several times, so be that the kid can not hold back and describe. Do not scold him for it, explain that you are upset, because you had to "water the grass" and keep the panties clean.

    By the way, some children at a certain age themselves begin to understand that wet clothes are not the most comfortable and cozy state of affairs, by comparing your conversations and successful trips to the pot, the baby will begin to ask for it himself.

    Change his panties and diapers more often, so that the child gets used to the correct state in his pants. As an option, especially for boys, dad's personal example! Having gone with him to the toilet several times, the baby will quickly figure out what's what.

    Remember that the pot should always be under your hands and your baby in sight, he should get used to it thoroughly and love him.

    Do not forget that your child, albeit small, is already a real person who may find it difficult to concentrate on a useful “work”, if there are many viewers around, consider this fact when you teach your child.

    Why the child does not want to go to the toilet on the pot?

    There are situations when the baby flatly refuses to sit on the pot, and even more so to keep it in need. Be prepared for the fact that the first times "gatherings" may even end up being hysterical, because the baby has become accustomed to everything warm and affectionate - mother's hands, warm water, soft clothes.

    And the cold and plastic surface of the pot may simply frighten him, and not everyone understands from the first that what to do with it. And most importantly, why? Do not be overly obtrusive and persistent, sitting the baby on the “throne” every hour, the learning process should be unobtrusive, otherwise the child may simply rebel.

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